Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jacques Loussier - Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille

Year : 2009/1967
Label : Vadim Music/Decca
Genre : Stage & Screen, Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Pop, Jazz Funk, Electronic Moods

Jacques Loussier is a french pianist & composer internationaly renowned for his 'Play Bach' series, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, consisting in five discs performed between 1959-1967 with bassist Pierre Michelot and drummer Christian Garros. Mister Loussier has composed soundtracks for over 67 films, made for television films and television series whose Dark Of The Sun (1968) and this obscure 'cult' soundtrack recorded for the Dirk Sanders movie 'Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille' (You Only Love Once in english broadcasted in 1967). It combines Jazz, Pop (check above the Jerk "Top Cover Girl" track), Bossa Nova, Soul Jazz and various eclectic moods, including electronic sounds occurred by organ, synthesizer and the ringtones bells, all served by Big Band and the magnificent arrangements of Loussier.

01. Generique Début
02. Ballet Photo Rouge  
03. Ballade Dans Paris La Nuit 
04. Poursuite Jaguar
05. Promenade Au Luxembourg
06. Kam-Tcha-Tka
07. Baiser
08. Leslie's Jerk
09. Sortie Metro
10. Clara's Jerk
11. Top Cover Girl
12. Ballade Dans Paris
13. Robe Rose
17. Generique Fin

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