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Melvin Sparks - Akilah !

Year : 1972
Label : Prestige
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

Sparks' third LP recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder with guests Hubert Laws (flute on The Image Of Love), Ernie Royal and George Coleman (respectively trumpet & alto saxophone on  Akilah). Personnel of rhythm section features Idris Muhammad, Leon Spencer and Buddy Caldwell. Titles include all compositions by Melvin Sparks except Love The Life You Live by Kool & The Gang, The Image Of Love by Leon Spencer. Orchestrations arranged by Billy Ver Plank.

Melvin Sparks_guitar
Leon Spencer_organ
Buddy Caldwell_percussion
Idris Muhammad_drums 
Virgil Jones_trumpet
Dave Hubbard_alto saxophone & flute 
Frank Wess_tenor saxophone
Sonny Fortune_alto saxophone

01. Love The Life You Live
02. On The Up
03. All Wrapped Up
04. Akilah
05. Blues For J.B.
06. The Image Of Love

Takehiro Honda - Another Departure

Year : 1977
Label : JVC
Genre : Jazz
Style : Fusion, Latin
Amazing Jazz Trio formed by the legendary Takehiro Honda featuring two famous jazz players, former members of the Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet (1965-1968) : Ron Carter & Tony Williams. Honda is one of the most renowned japanese jazz pianist, influenced by McCoy Tyner, who played among others for the Nobuo Hara's Sharps & Flats Big Band, for the bassist Yoshio Suzuki or in the Sadao Watanabe live group between 1973 to 1978 as on Kenya Africa (1973), Swiss Air (at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1975), or Recital (1976). All compositions written by Takehiro Honda including various styles from Latin to Contempory & Crossover Jazz. Produced by Kiyoshi Itoh & Yukio Morisaki, recorded at Vanguard Studio, New York.

Takehiro Honda_piano
Ron Carter_bass
Tony Williams_drums

01. Calypso Street
02. Spirits Flow
03. Wonder
04. Longing
05. Puddle


Sharps & Flats In Newport

Year : 1967
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, World, Traditional, Big Band

The japanese "Buddy Rich Big Band", the Sharps & Flats featuring Hiroshi Suzuki & special guest musician, the best known shakuhachi player (japanese bamboo flute), Hozan Yamamoto playing on Hakone Mago Uta, Midare & So Tired. Nobuo Hara recorded all these songs in studio after them played at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1967. Titles include cinematic mood (Sakura Sakura), Hard Bop, Modal Jazz, traditional japanese music & popular folk songs (Hakone Mago Uta, Midare, Sohran-Bushi & Awa Dance) All tracks conducted by Nobuo Hara, arranged by Norio Maeda & Kiyoshi Yamaya.

Nobuo Hara_tenor saxophone
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone 
Nobuyuki Morikawa_baritone saxophone
Koji Suzuki_alto saxophone
Kunitoshi Shinohara & Teruyuki Fukushima_trumpet
Toshihiko Ogawa_piano 
Takeyoshi Noguchi_guitar
Hiroshi Takeuchi_bass
Yoshio Nakamura_drums

01. Sakura Sakura
02. Etenraku
03. Hakone Mago Uta
04. Midare
05. Sohran-Bushi
06. Geisha Girl
07. Koto
08. So Tired
09. Awa Dance


The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Malik

Year : 1975
Label : Makossa
Genre : Jazz, Afrobeat
Style : Jazz Funk

The second album of The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band released in 1975, a heavyweight funk-rock fusion led by Frank Abel. There are still some titles for dancefloor like I Love Music and jazz-funk tracks ever best they written like Darkest Light.

Frank Abel_keyboards
Ernest 'Donny' Donnable_drums
Lafayette Hudson
Keno Speller
Larry Jones
Arthur Young
_percussion, flute & horns
Ronnie James Buttacavoli_
Lee Roy_saxophone
Michael McEwan_guitar

01. Dgunji
02. Raff
03. Conga
04. Avi-Vo
05. Malik
06. Darkest Light
07. Baba Hya

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Soul Makossa

Year : 1974
Label : Makossa
Genre : Jazz, Afrobeat
Style : Jazz Funk

The group was formed in Long Island, based in Paris between 1971 and 1978, whose core members were Frank Abel (keyboards), Ernest Donnable (drums), Lafayette Hudson (bass), Keno Speller (percussion), Larry Jones (guitar), Arthur Young (percussion, flute & horns) and Ronnie James Buttacavoli (horns). They decided move to France where they're performing live in a parisian district named Barbès, an center of african cultures. They meet saxophonist Manu Dibango and producer Pierre Jaubert (who had recorded in 1969 Charles Mingus' Blue Bird & Pithecantropus Erectus). Recorded by Pierre Jaubert at Parisound studio on french label Musidisc. Soul Makossa was re-titled in The U.S. as Movin & Groovin.

01. Soul Makossa (Manu Dibango)
02. Azeta
03. Oglenon
04. Voodounon
05. Hihache
06. Nicky
07. Right foot
08. M.F. Grayson

Ron Carter - Spanish Blue

Year : 1974
Label : CTI
Genre : Jazz
Style : Fusion
Website :

Third album of jazz bassist recorded for CTI performed by bassist Ron Carter. An Andalusian breeze blows on Spanish Blue,  a sensuous atmosphere created by playing of Hubert Laws and Jay Berliner. Titles include the reinterpretation of masterpiece So What? from the Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue (1959), spanish vibes to the flamenco accents (El Noche Sol & Sabado Sombrero) and the last groovy track called Arkansas featuring the great solos of Hubert Laws and Ron Carter. Produced by Creed Taylor and recorded at Studio Rudy Van Gelder.

Ron Carter _bass, piccolo bass
Hubert Laws_flute
Roland Hanna & Leon Pendarvis _electric piano, piano
Jay Berliner_guitar
Billy Cobham_drums, field drum
Ralph MacDonald_percussion

01. El Noche Sol
02. So What
03. Sabado Sombrero
04. Arkansas

Oneness Of Juju - African Rhthyms

Year : 1975
Label : Black Fire
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Spiritual, Afrobeat

Based around saxophonist James Plunky and Philip Muzi Branch, Oneness of Juju was one sound incarnation of the afro-funk jazz fusion scene in the seventies like Pharoah Sanders (they were often compared to him) or Sun Ra, return to African roots by the way of Panafricanism movement. African percussion therefore have a prominent place for the band but they also incorporated Rhthyms & Blues elements. This formation published only two recordings under this name, this disc and Space Jungle Luv in 1976. Composed & arranged by Oneness Of Juju.

Plunky Nkabinde_saxophones, flute, percussion, vocals,
Muzi Nkabinde_bass, percussion, vocals
Philip 'Pee Wee' Ford_Fender bass
Al Hammel Rasul_keyboards, percussion, vocals
Babatunde Olatunji_congas, drums, balophone, percussion, vocals
Ronnie Toler_drums
Lon Moshe_vibraphone, marimbas
Eka-Ete Jackie Lewis_vocals
Reggie Brisbane_balophone

01. African Rhythms
02. Kazi
03. Funky Wood
04. Tarishi
05. Mashariki
06. Chants
07. Don't Give Up
08. Incognito
09. Poo Too
10. Liberation Dues

Mongo Santamaria - Up From The Roots

Year : 1972
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Afro Cuban Jazz

Precursor of Afro Cuban Jazz, Mongo Santamaria, also known as a main figure of fusion between Afro Cuban Rhythms and Soul music, was the great composer of the standard Afro-Blue, the John Coltrane'  performance being the most famous. Up from the Roots, thirty years after his first work as a leader, explores the African origins of Caribbean music, more precisely a Afro Cuban & Latin Jazz project with a combo of traditional african instruments. Titles include the Afro-Latin percussion suite, the cuban music Para Ti and the funky 'Big Bang' Jose Outside.

Mongo Santamaria_congas drums
Papaito Muñoz_bongos & bell
Julito Callazo_bata drum, chéquere, conga drums, tambourine
Pablo Rosario_bongos & bell
Carter Jefferson & Bill Saxon_saxophone
Lew Soloff & Jon Faddis_trumpet
Eddy Martinez_keyboards
Eddie Rivera_bass
Steve Barrios_drums

01. Ebora (Yeza)
02. En La Habana (Guaguanco)
03. Conga, Bata, Y Chequere (Lucumi & Mambo)
      Me Buele La Muele (Columbia)
      Eco (Bembe)
      Abacua (Abacua)
04. Pan De Maiz (Conga)
05. Para Ti
06. Sofrito
07. Little Angel
08. Virtue
09. Jose Outside
10. Forked Tongue

Oneness Of Juju - Space Jungle Luv

Year : 1976
Label : Black Fire
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Spiritual, Afrobeat

The followed album after Africa Rhythms, it featured tracks from other sessions. Great spiritual atmosphere, quieter songs like Soul Love Now and Love's Messenger and one of the album's best known cuts River Luv Rite with pianist Joe Bonner' contribution, the lead vocalist Eka-Ete Jackie Lewis and her powerful voice. The line-up is reinforced by Ras Melvin Glover (lead & rhythm guitar), Rafael Solano and Richard 'Dick' Watkins (congas, percussion), Alfredo Mojica (timbales).

01. River Luv Rite
02. Follow Me
03. Soul Love Now
04. Space Jungle Funk
05. The Connection
06. Love's Messenger

Peter King - Shango

Year : 2002/1974
Label : Strut
Genre : Soul, Afrobeat
Style : Funk/Soul

Peter King is a Nigerian musician saxophonist who combinate Afrobeat, James Brown' Funk and Jazz. His main influences was among Sonny Rollins, Gene Ammons or John Coltrane. In London, he formed with drummer Bayo Martins and trumpeter Mike Falana The African Messengers and toured across the Europe with his band Shango in the seventies. Recorded at Camden Town Studio, London. All tracks written by Peter King.

Peter King_saxophone, flute
Humphrey Okoh-Turner_alto saxophone
David Williams_bass
Paul Edoh_congas
James Menin_drums
Arthur Simon_guitar
Mike Falana_trumpet

01. Shango
02. Prisoner Of Law
03. Mr Lonely Wolf
04. Freedom Dance
05. Go Go's Feast
06. Mystery Tour
07. Now I'm A Man
08. Watusi

Yuji Ohno - Original Soundtrack From Lupin The 3rd

Year : 1978
Label : Satril/Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

Second original soundtrack album performed by You & The Explosion Band featuring Takeru Muraoka & guests musicians : Fumihiko Kazama (accordion on Saint Germain A La Nuit Tombante) Makiko Hirayama (biwa), Hiromitsu Katada (tsuzumi) & Koso Sakata (shakuhachi) on Zantetsuken. Titles include Lupin III '79, the openning of the first Lupin III movie broadcasted in 1978 (Lupin VS Mamo), new ending theme of the season two (the Fujiko song : Love Squall), the Jigen Daisuke  & Goemon Ichikawa themes (Tornado & Zantetsuken). All tracks composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Minoru Kuribayashi_Hammond organ
Michio Nagaoka_bass
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Yuichi Togashiki_drums
Pepe Anai_percussions
Takeru Muraoka_saxophone, clarinet
Eiji Arai_trombone

And More...

01. Lupin III '79
02. Tornado
03. Love In São Paolo
04. Sphynx
05. Spiral Flight~Saint Germain A La Nuit Tombante
06. Wild Crisis
07. The Way To The Oasis
08. Super Hero
09. Zantetsuken
10. Funny Walk In Old Fashion
11. Love Squall


Yuji Ohno - Original Soundtrack From Lupin III

Year : 1978
Label : Satril/Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

First LP from five serie album of Lupin The 3rd original soundtrack released between 1978 to 1981. Yuji Ohno plays with his new group called You & The Explosion Band formed in particular for the soundscape of Lupin III. The band is accompagnied by a horn section featuring Takeru Muraoka, Jake H Conception and Shigeharu Mukai plus Strings ensemble conducted by Minoru Suzuki (The Suzuki Group). Titles include openning & ending themes from the first season, I Miss You Babe, (Yes I Do) sung by Sandi A Hohn, Lovin' You (Lucky) by Tom Snyder from GODIEGO, most of the songs are introduced by some dialogue inserts extract from the episodes of Lupin III, starring the main characters. All tracks arranged, composed and produced by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Minoru Kuribayashi_Hammond organ
Takeru Muraoka_saxophone
Jake H. Conception_saxophone
Shigeharu Mukai_trombone
Akira Okazawa_bass
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Larry Sunaga_percussions

And More...

01. Theme From Lupin III
02. Silhouette
03. I Miss You Babe, (Yes I Do)
04. Red Roses For The Killer
05. Goodnight Moon-Shadow
06. Dangerous Zone
07. Sunset Flight
08. Magnum Dance~Lonely For The Road
09. Lovin' You (Lucky)
10. Love Theme

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