Friday, October 15, 2010

The Soul Medium - Woodstock Generation

Year : 1969
Label : Union
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic Moods

Jiro Inagaki is an iconic member of the japanese Jazz Rock scene during the seventies with his Soul Media group, based around Ryo Kawasaki, Yasuo Arakawa, Masaru Imada and Sadakazu Tabata. Woodstock Generation is a psychedelic jazz tribute album to the Woodstock Festival, recorded by The Soul Medium, a Jazz Rock band, first incarnation of The Soul Media. Titles include first versions of the classic Jiro's songs, Head Rock & The Ground For Peace (an original composition of Yasuo Arakawa, especially for Jiro), Knick Knack by Masahiko Sato, and three songs performed at the festival by Sly & Family Stone (I Want To Take You Higher), The Who (Summertime Blues) and Ten Years After (Spoonful). All tracks arranged by Jiro Inagaki.

Jiro Inagaki_saxophone
Masaru Imada_organ
Ryo Kawasaki_guitar
Yasuo Arakawa_bass
Sadakazu Tabata_drums
Tetsuo Fushimi & Shunzo Ohno_trumpet

01. Opening
02. Woodstock
03. I Want To Take You Higher
04. Mamma Told Me (Not To Come)
05. Summertime Blues
06. Spoonful
07. The Ground For Peace
08. Head Rock
09. Knick Knack


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uyama Hiroto - A Son Of The Sun

Year : 2008
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo

Debut album of Nujabes' good friend, Uyama Hiroto, japanese saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist & Hip-Hop producer, who has frequently collaborated & worked for various Hydeout productions (Nujabes own label). His own productions also ranks as well in Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Downtempo that Nu, Cool & Future Jazz. Titles include, in particular, his singles, 81Summer/Color Of Jade, One Dream/Carbon Rose, Waltz For Life Will Reborn  and two featurings with  Pase Rock on Fly Love Song and Golden Boy from Specifics on Vision Eyes. All tracks produced & mixed by Nujabes & Uyama Hiroto.

01. 81Summer
02. Climbed Mountain
03. One Dream
04. Nightwood
05. Waltz For Life Will Reborn
06. Ribbon In The Sea
07. Port51 (Interlude)
08. Carbon Rose
09. Vision Eyes
10. Fly Love Song
11. Last Transit (Interlude)
12. Stratus
13. Walk In The Sunset
14. Color Of Jade


Friday, October 1, 2010

S.Sawada = T.Muraoka & The All-Stars - Hit And Hit In Bossa Nova

Year : 1968
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop
Style : Bossa Nova, Easy Listening

Twelve nice tracks to the latin mood performed by one of japanese jazz greats, the guitarist Shungo Sawada, reminding the fingering of the master Wes Montgomery. It's not only talking about Bossa Nova but rather of a subtle blend of Pop, Easy Listening & Latin tunes that Sawada serves us here. Recorded  in association of the saxophonist Takeru Muraoka (from the famous Count Buffalos band of drummer Akira Ishikawa), they are surrounded by the Nippon Columbia All-Stars featuring The Freedom Unity' member, Hiroshi Suzuki, bassist Yoshio Ikeda from Terumasa Hino Quintet & Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet and the great arranger Norio Maeda. The group revisits some standards of the japanese pop released in 1968, including songs from various pop artists such as Jun Mayuzumi (Angel Love) and GS rock bands as The Tigers (Flower Necklace), the Tempters (The Legend Of Emerald) or the Folk Crusaders (Kanashikute Yarikirenai). All tracks arranged by Norio Maeda.

Shungo Sawada_guitar
Takeru Muraoka_saxophone
Norio Maeda_piano, arrangements
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Yoshio Ikeda_bass
Nishikawa Takaaki_drums

01. The Legend Of Emerald (Emerald No Densetsu)
02. Angel Love (Tenshi No Yūwaku)
03. Hoshi O Minaide
04. Summer Grass
05. Omoide No Yubiwa
06. Yume de Iikara
07. Koi No Tokimeki
08. C, C, C
09. Flower Necklace (Hana No Kubikazari)
10. Kanashikute Yarikirenai (Unbearably Sad)
11. Ai No Sono
12. Hana No Madonna

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