Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dagha - Object In Motion

Year : 2005
Label :
Miclife Recordings
Genre :
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

Dwayne Simmons is a rapper from Boston who started with his friend Insight in the Hip-Hop band Electric Company. He's sharing stages with KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Wycleff, Common and also Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5. Dagha collaborated to many Insight' albums including ShinSight Trio LPs, Insight does the same for this 'Object In Motion', in charge of production, recording & mixing. Also in charge of production plus arrangements, cuts & scratches, DJ Real from Martiangang (band formed with Shin-Ski). Titles include featurings with Insight (8 Count & Skoolhouse Rock), Al-Jabra (Conquerors) & Wanda aka Butter (Don't Start Nothing). Songs 15 to 18 are bonus track released only for Japan featuring Cloke (Whatever It May Be), Anonymous from Project Move (Hands Up) & Insight (2 Solutions) plus remix by DJ Aquarela. Produced by DJ Real, Insight & Dagha.

Insight_rap, scratches & cuts on Heaven or Hell
DJ Real_cuts & scratches

01. Intro
02. 8 Count
03. No Sheets
04. Object In Motion Interlude
05. Conquerors
06. Heaven or Hell
07. Handwriting On The Wall
08. Build
09. P.A.
10. Skoolhouse Rock
11. Don't Start Nothing
12. No Labels
13. De Ja Vu
14. Back To The Center
15. Whatever It May Be
16. Hands Up
17. 2 Solutions
18. No Sheets - DJ Aquarela Remix
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