Monday, June 4, 2018

J.M. Tim & Foty - African Funk Experimentals 1977 - 1979

Year : 2018
Label : Africa Seven
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style : Jazz Funk, Afro Funk, Disco, Boogie

Between 1976 to 1982, the J.M. Tim & Foty duo (Jean Marie Tiam and Maurice Foty) left their mark on the west african pop music, surrounded by brilliant musicians such as Jean-Yves Messan, Daniel Haustant & François Corea Amadou from Malinga Five, JC Naimaro from french west indies zoukband Kassav' or arranger Alan Shelly. Seen as the precussors of the cameroonian disco, with their big hit "Douala By Night", they gained an international recognition in the 80's, from "Help" album and became thereafter one of the biggest african selling music artists. This compilation include various songs extracted from their three first albums, featuring the magnetic disco "Douala By Night", sampled by Missy Elliot for "Dog In Heat" (2001), the reminiscence of Herbie Hancock to the african style "Funky Bafoussam", the Soul ballad "Love Is Light", the boogie disco tunes "Not So Bad" and "Funky Boogie Love", and the punchy Afro Funk "Aie" & "Eda".

Jean Marie Tiam_vocal, percussion, rhythm guitar
Maurice Foty_vocal, electronic effects, keyboards
Jean-Yves Messan_bass
Claude Vamur_drums
J.-C. Naimro_keyboards
François Corea Amadou_lead guitar
Daniel Haustant_percussion
Mahmoud Houari_saxophone
Jacques Bessot_trumpet

01. Douala By Night   
02. Funky Bafoussam   
03. More And More   
04. Love Is Light   
05. Aie   
06. Not So Bad   
07. I Love Yaounde   
08. Eda   
09. Funky Boogie Love   
10. Eya Mba

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