Thursday, March 30, 2017

Arthur Verocai (Self-Titled)

Year : 2016/1972
Label : Mr Bongo/Continental
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, MPB

One of the favourites Madilb's albums, the self-titled "Arthur Verocai" album has been sampled many times by various Hip-Hop artists  like MF Doom, Common, Little Brother and more recently Action Bronson. Arthur Verocai is a brilliant brazilian conductor, pianist and guitarist, who has worked for several artists from the Tropicalia movement such as Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle and Gal Costa. Recorded at Studio Somil, Rio de Janeiro in 1972, this album incorporates the Brazilian musical direction taken by the Tropicalia, a skilled fusion of Jazz & Funk including some sound elements from the Blaxploitation music. Arthur Verocai has surrounded himself by prestigious musicians  including Paulo Moura and Oberdan Magalhães from Banda Black Rio, the jazz drummers Robertinho Silva and Pascoal Meirelles, Serginho Do Trombone from Dom Salvador & amp; Grupo Abolição, supported by string orchestra. Titles include the beautiful folk song "Caboclo", the samba jazz "Seriado" featuring Célia, the funky "Presente Grego" and the air of jazz rock "Karina (Domingo No Grajaú)". Produced, arranged, directed by Arthur Verocai.

Arthur Verocai_guitar
Luis Alves_bass
Pascoal Meirelles_drums
Robertinho Silva_drums & percussion
Pedro Sorongo_percussion
Aloisio Milanez Aguilar_piano & electric piano
Oberdan Magalhaes_saxophone & flute
Pedro Santos, Paulo Moura_saxophone
Nivaldo Ornelas_tenor saxophnoe
Serginho Do Trombone_trombone
Paulinho Oliveira_trumpet

01. Caboclo
02. Pelas Sombras
03. Sylvia
04. Presente Grego
05. Dedicada A Ela
06. Seriado
07. Na Boca Do Sol
08. Velho Parente
09. O Mapa
10. Karina (Domingo No Grajaú)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brothers

Year : 2016/1977
Label : Groovie Records/Underground
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk

Portugese reissue of the "impossible to Find" Black Soul Brothers, the first solo album of brazilian guitarist Miguel De Deus, originally released in 1977 on Underground, subsidiary of Copacabana label. Miguel De Deus was the founding member of the latin rock group "Os Brazões" which accompagnied Gal Costa on stage & Tom Zé on the Grande Liquidação album in 1968. With "Os Mutantes", the band was emblematic of brazilian psychedelic rock scene in the late sixties. In the mid seventies, Miguel De Deus oriented his music to the Funk style, becoming a initiator of the Afro-Funk movement later called "Black Rio", strongly inspired by James Brown & the Black Power spirit. Recorded in São Paulo, at the Reunido Studio, all tracks composed by Miguel De Deus excepted those mentionned.

01. Cinco Anos
02. Pedaços
03. Mister Funk (Miguel de Deus / Nelsão Triunfo)
04. Flaca Louca
05. Black Soul Brothers (P. Rocco / Santiago)
06. Lua Cheia
07. Pode Se Queimar
08. Fábrica de Papéis

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