Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Fine Machine - Habitat

Year : 2016/1972
Label : Cinedelic Records/CAM
Genre : Jazz, Music Library, Stage & Screen
Style : Pop, Funk / Soul, Psychedelic, Jazz Rock

Holy Grail from italian music library, first quality reissue stricly limited to 500 copies by Cinedelic, originally released under the CAM files in 1972, one of their best production. The Fine Machine is formed by three italian composers/arrangers, Giacomo Dell'Orso aka Oscar Lindok, Nico Fidenco (Donimak), and Gianni Dell'Orso (Proluton), who play here, a crossover between progressive rock, Jazz & Funk. Titles include elements from psychedelic music, funk accents (Obsessing Promenade, Hand Shake or Crazy Eel), Latin Beat  (Racing Beat, the bossa "Snobbery") & some oriental expressions on The Eastern Question track. All tracks arranged by Oscar Lindok.

01. Crazy Eel
02. Shut Paranoia
03. Hand Shake
04. Racing Beat
05. Flute Flight
06. Wait For Me
07. Obsessing Promenade
08. Skin-Deep
09. Snobbery
10. God Is Infinite
11. Cold Fever
12. The Eastern Question

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