Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pierre Dutour Et Son Orchestre - Dance And Mood Music Vol. 9

Year : 1969
Label : Chappell
Serie : Dance And Mood Music
Genre : Jazz, Music Library
Style : Jazz Funk, Soul Jazz, Pop

"Holy Grail" record from the Chappell sessions, among the best of the serie, performed by french trumpeter & orchestra leader, Pierre Dutour. In the early sixties, Pierre Dutour joined the "Jeunesses Musicales De France" conducted by Claude Bolling and later was enrolled by him in his sextet, he was also a regular sideman for french singer Nino Ferrer and worked for various french entertainers. Associated to his stooge, Jack Arel, for composing, he participated to several Chappell sessions recordings, but not only, the French Music Library labels "Patchwork" & "Telemusic" bear likewise his signature. Titles include Tracking (reminiscent of the Blaxploitation soundtracks), the killer groove Following You, the classic Business Is Business and Leaving To-Morrow which was sampled by Howie B. for the song "Switch" (extracted from Turn The Dark Off released in 1997). All tracks composed by Pierre Dutour & Jack Arel except High Fly, The Brass March by Garry Bellington.

01. Tracking
02. High Fly
03. I Dream Of You
04. Waiting For
05. I Feel Warm
06. Resting
07. Following You
08. A Sunny Day
09. Charly's Story
10. Sunset
11. Leaving To-Morrow
12. The Brass March
13. Forget-Me-Not
14. Business Is Business

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