Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Toshiaki Yokota, Primitive Community - Primitive Community


Year : 2013/1971
Label : Think! Records/EMI
Genre : Jazz, Folk
Style : Jazz Rock

Primitive Community (Genshi Kyodotai) is a collective especially formed for a mystical project created by Yoshiaki Yokota, in line of the Beat Generation, ranging from Free Jazz to Jazz Rock, by Folk & African music. As the front cover suggests Primitive Community consists in an sophisticated avant-garde fusion, in a kind of theatrical way, materialized by ethnic music, Psychedelia and mixed with hypnotic tribal percussions, fuzz guitar & acid organ. Titles include only originals composed & arranged by Yokota plus cover of The Beatles "Flying".

Toshiaki Yokota_indian, alto & bass flute
Shunzo Ohno_trumpet
Yusuke Hoguchi_Hammond organ
Kimio Koizumi_bass
Kimio Mizutani_guitar
Chito Kawachi_drums
Pedro Umemura, Tadaomi Anai, Larry Sunaga_percussions
Fujio Sato, Minoru Ishiyama, Yoshinori Nohmi_percussions

01. A Forbidden Ceremony
02. Devil's Tears
03. Hare Krishna
04. Savannah
05. Flying
06. Black Narcissus

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