Monday, April 20, 2015

Keith Mansfield~Alan Hawkshaw ‎– The Big Beat

Year : 1969
Label : KPM
Genre : Jazz, Funk/Soul
Style : Pop, Easy Listening, Soul Jazz

KPM is the most famous british music libary label specialized  in background music for TV shows, films & advertising. The popular KPM 1044, best known under The Big Beat's name, brings together several tracks composed by Keith Mansfield & Alan Hawkshaw including Exclusive Blend, Studio 69 & three extracted from The Champ LP by Hawkshaw's group, The Mohawks : Rocky Mountain Runabout, Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue & Senior Thump. All tracks composed & arranged by Alan Hawkshaw except tracks 1, 9, 10, 14 & 16 by Keith Mansfield. Many contempory Hip-Hop artists have sampled some materials from KPM recordings as Danger Doom (Funky Fanfare for Old School feat. Talib Kweli - 2005), Gnarls Barkley, Jay-Z or Madlib  for their cuts. Various songs as also used in movies as Move, Move, Move for Nacho Libre film (2006), or in the Quentin Tarantino film's Kill Bill (The Astro Daters). Keith Mansfield & Alan Hawkshaw appear together on sevearl KPM recordings : Soul Organ Showcase (1968), Beat Incidental (1969), Speed And Excitement (1970) & Big Business / Wind Of Change ‎(1973).

  •  Keith Mansfield

    Keith Mansfield was a major figure in the british music library scene, conductor and multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer of a lot of soundtracks, various British TV's shows (mainly for BBC). Mansfield was credited as arranger and conductor alonside of Dusty Springfield (Dusty... Definitely), the Scotish rock group Marmalade (There's A Lot Of It About) ; as Keith Mansfield Orchestra, worked for american Jazz vocalist Salena Jones (The Moment Of Truth) or trumpeter Maynard Fergusson (The Ballad Style Of Maynard Fergusson).
    • Alan Hawkshaw

    Alan Hawkshaw is an organist who composed & arranged many movies themes and was in charge of music for TV programs (as Studio 69 composed for the Dave Allen Show). He played in several band, first during the early sixties in the Emile Ford & The Checkmates or later, in the seventies, joining the group The Shadows. As keyboardist, Alan played for his drummer friend, Brian Bennett from The Shadows (Change Of Direction) and during the BBC sessions for David Bowie & The Tony Visconti Orchestra or also toured with The Rolling Stones. As arranger/keyboardist, he was likewise recruited by Serge Gainsbourg on Vu De l'Extérieur, Rock Around The Bunker & L'Homme A Tête de Choux.

    01. Exclusive Blend    
    02. Studio 69    
    03. Work Out   
    04. Rocky Mountain Runabout
    05. Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
    06. Roving Reporter    
    07. Senior Thump
    08. Tap Footer  
    09. Teenage Travelogue    
    10. Teenage Ton Up    
    11. Delivery Date    
    12. A Touch Of Nonsense    
    13. Man On The Move    
    14. The Mexican D.J.    
    15. Debsville   
    16. Red Square Stomp

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