Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Procussions - Up All Night

Year : 2004
Label : Miclife Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop, Jazz
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Conscious

Mr. J. Medeiros (rap),  Resonant (rap) and Stro The 89th Key (keyboards, drums, rap) form the american Hip-Hop group, The Procussions. This EP was recorded in a night jam session, it combines instrumental jazz fusion with Fender Rhodes & spoken words, mixed by Jason Skills (from The Sound Providers). After they were signed to Rawkus Records, they released their second album 5 Sparows For 2 Cents with some featurings as Talib Kweli in Miss January (2006) and recorded It's All Real which appears on Shattered Soul On A Pastel Sky, first album of Shin-Ski (2007). An enhanced limited edition was released the same year in japan with five bonus tracks whose the unreleased Life Of Brian and the fantastic Shin-Ski Remix of Introducing... (What's Your Name?) with DJ Ryow on turntables) and one video clip directed by Brandon Kraines.

01. Welcome   
02. Insert Rhyme Here   
03. Mr. J Warm Up   
04. Coffee Break   
05. The Cereal Chronicles
06. Second Wind    
07. Good Morning Colorado   
08. The Stay Awake Samba   
09. B Boy Alarm Clock   
10. J Skills Never Sleeps
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