Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kool & The Gang - Light Of Worlds

Year : 1974
Label : De-Lite
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

The Kool & The Gang's fifth album featuring the Pazant Brothers, and including Boogie funk, R 'N' B & Jazz Funk styles. As usual, some songs were sampled by various famous Hip-Hop artists like Gang Starr or Pete Rock &amp CL Smooth  (Summer Madness).The Pazant Brothers played on the Light Of Worlds's song.

Robert 'Kool' Bell_bass
George 'Funky' Brown_Drums
Khalis Bayyan_tenor saxophone
Claydes E. X. Smith_guitar
Rick West_keyboards
Dennis 'D.T.' Thomas_alto saxophone
Robert 'Spike' Mickens_trumpet, flugelhorn
Alvin Pazant_trumpet
Eddie Pazant_oboe, alto saxophone

01. Street Corners Symphony
02. Fruitman
03. Rhyme-Tyme People
04. Light Of The Worlds
05. Whiting H. & G.
06. You Don't Have To Change
07. Higher Plane
08. Summer Madness
09. Here After
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