Monday, August 15, 2011

George Benson - White Rabbit

Year : 1971
Label : CTI
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Fusion

A 'Gypsy' project with heavy orchestration conducted & arranged by Don Sebesky as on The Other Side Of Abbey Road. Titles include some Andalusian tunes (White Rabbit, El Mar) coupled with Straight Ahead Jazz, the trademark of CTI records. Great reprises of the standards pop' White Rabbit & California Dreaming. Earl Klugh & Jay Berliner are associated to george on accoustic guitar. The rest of the band including the finest Fusion Jazz players such as Ron Carter (bass), Herbie Hancock (electric piano), Billy Cobham (drums), Airto Moreira (percussions, vocals), Hubert Laws (flute).

01. White Rabbit
02. Theme from Summer of '42
03. Little Train (from Bachianas Brasileiras No.2)
04. California Dreaming
05. El Mar

Lonnie Smith - Move Your Hand

Year : 1969
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

Hammond B3 organ master, Lonnie Smith (not to be confused to Lonnie 'Liston' Smith, also keyboardist) became known as member of the George Benson first quartet (Cookbook & It's Uptown) in 1966. After recorded his first solo album Finger Lickin' Good, he became sideman for Lou Donaldson between 1967 to 1970 on five album as Midnight Creeper & Everything I Play Is Funky, and later for others international artists such as Teruo Nakamura on Rising Sun album in 1976. This LP was recorded live at Club Harlem in Atlantic City and includes the famous  Move Your Hand where Smith sings in a 'broken voice' style, the pop song Sunshine Superman from Donovan.

Lonnie Smith_organ, vocal
Larry McGee_guitar
Ronnie Cuber & Rudy Jones_saxophone
Sylvester Goshay_drums 

01. Charlie Brown
02. Layin' In The Cut
03. Move Your Hand
04. Sunshine Superman

Richard Groove Holmes - Comin' On Home

Year : 1971
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

Unique LP for Blue Note by Groove Holmes featuring Ray ArmandoWeldon Irvine and guests, bassist Chuck Rainey (Theme from Love Story), percussionist James Davis (percussions and vocal on Don't Mess With Me). Titles include Soul & Jazz Funk tunes, Theme From Love Story by french composer Francis Lai, Bossa Nova standard by Jobim, Wave, two compositions of Weldon Irvine (Mr. Clean & Down Home Funk) and two others from Groove Holmes. Produced by George Butler, recorded by Rudy Van Gelder.

Richard Groove Holmes_organ
Weldon Irvine_electric piano
Jerry Jemmott_bass
Gerald Hubbard_guitar 
Darryl Washington_drums 
Ray Armando_congas 

01. Groovin' for Mr. G.
02. Theme from Love Story
03. Mr. Clean
04. Down Home Funk
05. Don't Mess With Me
06. Wave
07. This Here

Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay

Year : 1970
Label : CTI
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Hard Bop, Post Bop, Soul Jazz

This bijou from Hubbard is one of standard bearer from the innovations made by the Jazz Fusion movement, mainly by providing from Funk/Soul inspirations. Red Clay was recorded in the early the seventies and for the first time on new Creed Taylor label (CTI), after several years spent on Atlantic Records. Freddie occurs in a wonderful quintet featuring Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter & Lenny White, all three from the legendary Miles Davis Second Great Quintet (1964-1969). Titles include a high level of Groove mixing Hard Bop (as evidenced the long opening song), Soul Jazz on Delphia with the subtle expressions from the fingering of Herbie on organ and Modal with the introduction of Red Clay. All tracks composed & arranged by Freddie Hubbard, recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder, produced by Creed Taylor.

  •  Red Clay was covered in 2007 by the japanese jazz band Soil & Pimp' Session on their Pimpoint LP

Freddie Hubbard_trumpet
Joe Henderson_tenor saxophone, flute
Herbie Hancock_electric piano, organ
Ron Carter_bass, electric bass
Lenny White_drums

01. Red Clay
02. Delphia
03. Suite Sioux
04. The Intrepid Fox


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reuben Wilson - Set Us Free

Year : 1971
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

Last album for Blue Note mixing Soul Jazz & Jazz Funk (his new route) featuring Jerome Richardson  David Spinozza, Ray Armando, arranger Wade Marcus and a chorus trio, Essence group,  formed by the sisters Brown, Mildred & Rosalyn, plus Naomi Thomas. Titles include Soul covers of Marvin Gaye, Jean Knight, Eddie Harris' Set Us Free Right On With This Mess of Wade Marcus and original compositions by Reuben Wilson. All tracks arranged by Wade Marcus & Jimmy Briggs (vocals), produced by George Butler, recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder

Reuben Wilson_organ
Jerome Richardson_soprano & tenor saxophone 
Richard Davis_bass
David Spinozza_guitar & sitar
Gene Bianco_harp
Jimmy Johnson_drums 
Ray Armando_congas
Gordon Powell_percussion

01. Set Us Free
02. We're In Love
03. Sho-Nuff Mellow
04. Mr. Big Stuff
05. Right On With This Mess
06. Mercy, Mercy, Me (The Ecology)
07. Tom's Thumb

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kimiko Kasai - What's New

Year : 1973
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Vocal

The fifth album by Kimiko Kasai who is surrounded by the Masahiro Kikuchi Trio. Kimiko sings vocal standards performed by the great Ladies of Jazz as Billy Holiday (But Not for Me), Ella Fitzgerald (Close Your Eyes), Sarah Vaughan (Body & Soul), Nancy Wilson (But Beautiful) or also Helen Merrill (What's New). All tracks arranged by Masahiro Kikuchi and produced by Kiyoshi Itoh.

Masahiro Kikuchi_piano
Yoshio Suzuki_bass
Hiroshi Murakami_drums

01. But Not for Me
02. Guess Who I Saw Today
03. That Old Feeling
04. They Can't Take That Away From Me
05. Body And Soul
06. Close Your Eyes
07. But Beautiful
08. I Thought About You
09. Glad to Be Unhappy
10. What's New
11. The End Of A Love Affair


Jorge Ben - A Tabúa de Esmeralda

Year : 1974
Label : Philips
Genre : Latin Jazz, Pop, Rock
Style : Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB, Funk/Soul

Another essential great album of Jorge Ben and the sixth greatest Brazilian album of all time. This album was recorded in the same Jorge Ben' genre introduced by Forçà Bruta in 1970 : the brazilian Samba rock and samba soul. Sweet mood with funky arrangements have resulted this LP as one best Brazilian Pop album ever recorded. Titles include only compositions by Jorge Ben, in particular, a tribute to Africa Zumbi, the groovy sound of Brother (with english lyrics) and the Bossa Nova O Namorado da Viúva.

01. Os Alquimistas Estão Chegando Os Alquimistas
02. O Homem da Gravata Florida
03. Errare Humanum Est
04. Menina Mulher da Pele Preta
05. Eu Vou Torcer
06. Magnólia
07. Minha Teimosia, Uma Arma Pra Te Conquistar
08. Zumbi
09. Brother
10. O Namorado da Viúva
11. Hermes Trimegisto E Sua Celeste Tabua De Esmeralda
12. Cinco Minutos (Five Minutos)

O'Donel Levy - Simba

Year : 1973
Label : Groove Merchant
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Rare  groove cult LP by jazz fusion guitarist O'Donel Levy composed in association with saxophonist, arranger Manny Albam  and featuring Steve Gadd, John Faddis, Eddie Daniels, the soilists Burt Collins &  Cecil Bridgewater. Titles include the wellknown Bad, Bad, Simba which appears on many compilations as the Pulp Fusion series and the incredible highly funky Playhouse with the unleashed solo flute of Daniels. All tracks arranged by Manny Albam and produced by Sonny Lester.

O'Donel Levy_guitar
Tony Levin_bass
Steve Gadd_drums 
Warren Bernhardt_keyboards 
Eddie Daniels_flute, piccolo flute, saxophone 
Bill Watrous_trombone 
Alan RubinBurt CollinsCecil Bridgewater & Lew Soloff_flugelhorn
Burt CollinsErnie RoyalJon Faddis & Lew Soloff_trumpet
Jim Madison_percussion

01. Bad, Bad, Simba
02. Kilimanjaro Cookout
03. Playhouse
04. Sierra Lonely
05. Sad, Sad, Simba
06. Joni
07. Nigerian Knights

Marie Queenie Lyons - Soul Fever

Year : 1970
Label : De Luxe
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

Rare & unique album released on DeLuxe label by Marie Queenie Lyons. She started his professional career at the club Castaway in 1963 in Ohio, then was recruited as vocalist by Jackie Wilson & James Brown but also evolved in the King Curtis band. Titles include some gospel inspirations & protest songs, the Soul cover Try Me by James Brown, her singles See And Don't See & the timeless classic Fever.  

01. See And Don't See
02. Daddy's House
03. You Used Me
04. Your Thing Ain't Good Without My Thing
05. Snake In The Grass
06. Your Key Don't Fit It Anymore
07. Fever
08. I Don't Want Nobody To Have It But You
09. We'll Cry Together
10. I'll Drown In My Tears
11. I Want My Freedom
12. Try Me

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Señor Soul Plays Funky Favorites

Year : 1968
Label : Double Shot
Genre : Soul
Style : Latin Jazz, Soul Jazz, Funk

First recording of the pre-incarnation of the "Eric Burdon & War", lead by Charles Miller who was active from 1967 to 1970. Later only Charles Miller joined "War", conceived by Jerry Goldstein & Eric Burdon, born on the ashes of "The Creators" & "Nightshift" bands (formed by Howard E. Scott and Harold Brown). The band revisits the Pop & Soul classics from the sixties, all played in the Latin Funk style, including I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Gimme A Little Sign, Sunshine Superman, Up Tight & two of their original compositions (Poquito Soul & Mucho Funky).

 Charles Miller_sax tenor, sax alto, flute 
Edwin Stevenson_vibes & piano
Willie Briggs_bass
Howard Talley_guitar 
James Tillman Crump_drums 

01. Pata Pata
02. Lovey Dovey
03. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
04. Gimme A Little Sign
05. Psychotic Reaction
06. Get On Up
07. Spooky
08. Poquito Soul
09. Sunshine Superman
10. Mucho Funky
11. Up Tight 

Marlena Shaw - Live At Montreux

Year : 1974
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Funk/Soul

A reissue for the Cooking with Blue Note at Montreux serie, great performance of Marlena Shaw surrounded by a Jazz trio featuring George Gaffney, Eddy Boyer & Harold Jones. Titles include the Horace Silver' The Show Has Began, the cover song, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder and a long version of Woman Of The Ghetto introduced by scat singing from Liberation Conversation performed by Marlena Shaw. Some excerpts of Woman Of The Ghetto were sampled by french artist, St. Germain for Rose Rouge from his Blue Note' album, Tourist released in 2000. Recorded live during the Montreux Jazz Festival sessions in Switzerland on July 5, 1973 and produced by George Butler.  

Marlena Shaw_vocal
George Gaffney_ piano, electric piano
Eddy Boyer_bass
Harold Jones_drums

01. The Show Has Begun
02. The Song Is You
03. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
04. But For Now
05. Save The Children
06. Woman Of The Ghetto

Wax Well Records In Amsterdam

are not many music shops in Amsterdam, but here is one record store that is worth seeing. An interesting choice of Soul Funk, Jazz & Grooves rarities. There are also some Hip Hop, Reggae & Pop Music discs not very expensive.

Visit their website : Wax Well Records

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