Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Count Bass D & Insight are The Risktakers

Year : 2011
Label :
Genre :
Hip Hop
Style :
Electronic, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop Jazz
Website : Insight FM

Dwight Farrell (producer, multi-instrumentalist from Nashville) and Andre Todman on a same project combining Hip Hop & Electronica. Dagha collaborated on Dinner Is Served, Pacewon on Be Rockin It and Kool Keith on Leverage Of Fighting. Composed and Produced by Insight The Truncator & Count Bass D. All cuts by Insight.

01. Which One Remix
02. War
03. In Charge
04. Risk Taker
05. Not My Style
06. Sight Boom Blam
07. Snakes
08. King Of Life
09. Seem Phoney
10. Seize The Moment
11. Dinner Is Served
12. Be Rockin It
13. Break Suckas
14. Second Ambush
15. Leverage Of Fighting
16. Which One
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