Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jorge Ben - Fôrça Bruta

Year : 1970
Label : Philips
Genre : Latin, Rock, Pop
Style : Samba, MPB, Funk/Soul

Considered as one of the most important album in the Jorge Ben's career, "Fôrça Bruta" fits into the success decade, started from Jorge Ben self-titled album released previously in 1969, extending the new modern musical movement in Brazil, the Samba Rock, also called Samba Soul. This new genre of samba into the Rock 'N' Roll manner, incorporates Funk/Soul elements from North America with soulful voice and rhythm and blues arrangements. With "Fôrça Bruta", Jorge Ben contributed to bring to light the "Trio Mocotó", his backing band between 1969 to 1972, who will become one spearhead of the genre. Titles include the classics "Pulo Pulo", "O Telefone Tocou Novamente" and the typical Samba Funk "Fôrça Bruta". All tracks composed by Jorge Ben.

Jorge Ben_guitar, vocal 
Fritz Escovao_cuica, guitar & vocals
João Parahyba_drums & percussion, vocals
Nereu Gargalo_tamborim, vocals

01. Oba lá Vem Ela
02. Zé Canjica
03. Domênica Domingava Num Domingo Toda de Branco
04. Charles Junior
05. Pulo, Pulo
06. Apareceu Aparecida
07. O Telefone Tocou Novamente
08. Mulher Brasileira
09. Terezinha
10. Força Bruta

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