Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yuji Ohno - Y.O. Connection

Year : 2009
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Fusion
Website : 大野雄二 Official Website - Vap

The second album from Yuji Ohno for his new label Lupintic. Yuji plays with the entire Lupintic Five band plus additionals musicians and featurings with special guest friends as Akira Okazawa, brazilian Bossa Nova singer Sonia Rosa, Masami & Ejiro Nakagawa from Pretty Good and Takashi Ooi, Keiji Matsushima, all surrounded by the Masatsugu Shinohara strings group. Titles include Theme From M.A.S.H. exctract from the original soundtrack, jazz standards as How High The Moon by Nancy Hamilton or Five Spot After Dark by Benny Golson, the classic Bossa Nova Jobim' Desafinado  and traditional Russian romance (Dark Eyes) popularized by Django Reinhart (Les Yeux Noirs). All tracks produced & arranged by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Satoshi Izumi_guitar
Masayuki Tawarayama_wood bass & electric bass
Yoshihito Eto_drums
Keiji Matsushima_trumpet
Hisatsugu Suzuki
_soprano & tenor sax
Sonia Rosa_vocal
Akira Okazawa_bass
Masami Nakagawa_flute
Ejiro Nakagawa_trombone
Takashi Ooi_vibes

01. Theme From M.A.S.H. (Mandel)
02. Undecided
03. Desafinado
04. I'm Not in Love
05. How High The Moon
06. Five Spot After Dark
07. Sweet memories
08. Dark Eyes
09. Where or When

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