Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oliver Nelson - Skull Session

Year : 1975
Label : Flying Dutchman
Genre : Jazz
Style : Fusion, Big Band, Electronic Moods, Soul Jazz, Post Bop

Skull Session is a formidable eclectic album of saxophonist and arranger Oliver Nelson which contains several styles as well as Bossa Nova, Electronic, Contempory Jazz,  Jazz Funk or Post Bop and Soul Jazz. Composed entirely by Oliver Nelson surrounded by great a Big Band featuring Lonnie Liston Smith, Willie Bobo, Lee RitenourBuddy Collette, Bill Perkins all incorporated in a large Big Brass Band. Titles include the electronic groove Skull Session, the Nelson standard' 125th St. And 7th Ave. and the funky tracks Dumpy Mama & Flight For Freedom. All tracks composed, conducted & arranged by Oliver Nelson, produced by Bob Thiele.

Oliver Nelson_alto saxophone
Buddy Collette_clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute
Billy Green_tenor saxophone
Bill Perkins_clarinet, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone
Jerome Richardson_clarinet, flute, alto & soprano saxophone
Oscar Brashear & Bobby Bryant_flugelhorn, trumpet 
Lonnie Liston Smith_keyboards
Chuck Domanico_bass
Lee Ritenour_guitar
Jimmy Gordon_drums
Willie Bobo_percussion

And many others...

01. Skull Session
02. Reuben's Rondo
03. 125th St. And 7th Ave.
04. One For Duke
05. Dumpy Mama
06. Baja Bossa
07. In A Japanese Garden
08. Flight For Freedom

Friday, February 20, 2009

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflections Eternal) - Train Of Thought

Year : 2000
Label : Rawkus
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, Conscious
Website : Talibkweli.com

Great must classic of Rap from the late nineties by Reflection Eternal, a Hip Hop duo formed by Talib Kweli ex-Black Star (with rapping partner Mos Def) and Tony Cottrell aka Hi-Tek (DJ and producer from Cincinnati).Train of Thought was released for famous underground Hip Hop label, Rawkus Records (who produced also Eminen). It's features jazz pianist Weldon Irvine, many artists from the underground Hip Hop scene as Mos Def (This Means You) or Kool G Rap (Ghetto Afterlife) but also old school band as De La Soul (Soul Rebels). Also featuring DJ Crossphader from Double Edge & MCs  Rah Digga, Xzibit, Piakhan & Supa Dav West, french artists, Les Nubians (chorus On Love Language), Vinia Mojica, including additionals musicians and special guest friend Dave Chapelle, the voice of Nelson Mandela (Experience Dedication) & Rick James (Touch You). The track listing includes the hidden track Four Women. All tracks produced by Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek.

Additionals Musicians :

Weldon Irvine_keyboards
Jeff Davidson_guitar
Teodross Avery_saxophone
Derrick Gardner_trumpet
Chris Crossfader_cuts
Owen Brown_fiddle
Bassi Kolo Percussion Group_percussion

01. Experience Dedication
02. Move Somethin'
03. Some Kind Of Wonderful
04. The Blast
05. This Means You
06. Too Late
07. Memories Live
08. Africa Dream
09. Down For The Count
10. Name Of The Game
11. Ghetto Afterlife
12. On My Way
13. Love Language
14. Love Speakeasy
15. Soul Rebels
16. Eternalists
17. Big Nel From Da Natti
18. Touch You
19. Good Mourning
20. Expansion Outr

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6ix Toys (Self-Titled)

Year : 2008
Label : FW (First World Records)
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz, Soul, Electronic
Style : Jazz Funk, Fun/Soul, Hip-Hop, Fusion

Originally from Liverpool, based around the brothers Bernardis and Fred Ruddick, 6ix Toys mix Jazz & Funk with the use of turntables, all in a fusion style approaching the sound of their influences : James Brown & The JBs, The Meters and in particular the japanese jazz band  Soil & Pimp Sessions. Their first live performance takes place at The Isle of Wight Festival in 2008. The Line-up incorporates additional musician Emma Welsby on percussions and special guest Mike Davis from British jazz rock band of the seventies The Keef Hartley Band. Titles include featurings with the british blues singer Connie Lush on Paint The Toon, MC Yarah Bravo (from DJ Vadim' Hip Hop group One Self) on Wanna Ride and Katie Miller on Cannibal Lunch. This Jazz Funk' blend is associated with different style as Afro Cuban Jazz (Mosquito & P-Knuckle) or Hip Hop (Wake 'N' Bake & Wanna Ride). Produced by Fred Ruddick.

Marco Bernardis_tenor sax,
Paul Burton_trombone
Tom Ashbrook_electric piano, organ, piano
Mark Beaney_guitar
Jacob Foordonç_bass
Adam Beaney_drums
DJ Fred Ruddick_cuts & scratches

01. Paint The Toon
02. Skreech
03. Voodoo People
04. Mosquito
05. Wake 'N' Bake
06. Wanna Ride
07. Bend Your Knee
08. Giggle
09. Cannibal Lunch
10. P-Knuckle
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