Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Robert Charlebois - Québec Love

Year : 1969
Label : Gamma
Genre : Rock, Jazz
Style : Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Pop, Rhythm&Blues

Sixth album of Robert Charlebois following his cult LP 'Lindberg', his second & last psychedelic will become a great classic of Québec' Pop many years later. He was probably influenced by the giants of Rock&Roll of the time as Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Grateful Dead. Robert Charlebois is once more surrounded by le Quatuor du Nouveau Jazz Libre Du Québec plus a brass band orchestra conducted by Pierre Nadeau. Titles include the soul jazz rock Te Vl'a, singles Les Ailes D'un Ange & Québec Love, Tout Ecartillé (reference to the city of Paris & french singer Marie Laforêt), Sensation (based on a poem of Arthur Rimbaud), the pyschedelic tunes 'Broches de Bécik' & 'La Fin Du Monde' featuring Louise Forestier. All tracks composed & written by Robert Charlebois with Marcel Sabourin except Le Canada by Mouffe, Québec Love by Daniel Gadouas.

01. Te Vl'a
02. Les Ailes D'un Ange
03. Le Canada
04. Tout Ecartillé
05. Sensation
06. Québec Love
07. Ôôô Margo
08. Broches De Bécik
09. Sûrement Hong Kong
10. La Fin Du Monde
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