Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Cast Five - Popsound N. 1

Year : 2014/1971
Label : Sonor Music Editions/Flirt Records
Genre : Jazz, Stage&Screen
Style : Pop, Jazz Rock, Soul Jazz, Psychedelic

Out of the darkness thanks to "Speedball Experience", a compilation released in the mid 90's gathering obscure pop jazz songs from early 70's italian music library, including "Diatomea" & "Gospel 71", the most wanted library album "Popsound N. 1" was finally reissued by the "Sonor Music Editions", a label dedicated to the italian library music. Originally first released on "Flirt" records in 1971, "Popsound N. 1" includes psychedelic grooves (Quadrante, Diatomea or Esse 4), Soul Jazz (Rifrazione, Conker) and Funky sounds (Pacific 2000, Gospel 71), all recorded by a trio of italian compositors formed by Ernesto Nicelli, Stellio Subelli & Pasquale Castiglione.

01. Charming
02. Quadrante
03. Curly
04. Derrick
05. Rifrazione
06. Diatomea
07. Esse 4
08. Fiordaliso
09. Conker
10. Pacific 2000
11. Gospel 71
12. Simply
13. Eliotropio

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