Friday, April 26, 2013

Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black

Year : 1970
Label : Twinight
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

"Is It Because I'm Black" is one the best Soul albums ever recorded, written in collaboration of Jimmy Jones & The Pieces Of Peace, Syl Johnson is at the top for his second & last disc released for Twinight Records. As most of black songwriters from the sixties decade, Syl Johnson explored identity & social themes of the Afro-American community with various protest songs, whose the most representative is "It is Because I’m Black", which reached Number 11 in the R&B charts in 1969. Titles include also the funkiest "Right On", played in the pure James Brown style, Jazz & Pop covers from Oscar Brown (Black Balloons), Joe South (Walk a Mile in My Shoes) and the Beatles (Come Together). Produced and performed by Syl Johnson & The Pieces Of Peace with arrangements of Byron Bowie, Larry Nestor & Jerry Wilson.

Syl Johnson_vocal, rhythm guitar
Bernard Reed_bass
John Bishop_lead guitar
Byron Bowie_saxophone 
Rahmlee Michael Davis_trumpet

01. It Is Because I'm Black (Jimmy Jones, Glenn Watts, Syl Johnson)
02. Come Together
03. Together, Forever (Bernard Reed)
04. Concrete Reservation (Jimmy Jones)
05. Black Balloons
06. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
07. I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom (Byron Bowie)
08. Right On (Syl Johnson, Jimmy Jones)


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Gordon's War

Year : 1973
Label : Buddah Records
Genre : Jazz, Soul, Stage & Screen
Style : Funk/Soul

A hottest blaxploitation soundtrack, one of the best ever recorded with powerful brass section, strong funk & soul performance, produced by Harvey Fuqua, Al Elias & Angelo Badalamenti. Most tracks are recorded and performed by studio band Badder Than Evil (in fact, Al Elias and Angelo Badalamenti) with the voice of 'soul sister' Barbara Mason on Child Of Tomorrow. The others tracks are performed by Detroit Soul band 'New Birth' formerly The Nite-Liters (Come On And Dream Some Paradise) and Sister Goose And The Ducklings (Super Shine #9). All selections written by Al Elias & Andy Badale, arranged and conducted by Horace Ott.

01. Child Of Tomorrow
02. Just Plain Luther
03. He'll Be There
04. Roberta's Theme       
05. Harlem Dreams       
06. Come On And Dream Some Paradise   
07. Tell That Man To Go To Hell       
08. Child Of Tomorrow       
09. Super Shine #9       
10. Hot Wheels (The Chase)
11. Child Of Tomorrow (reprise)


Eugene Mc Daniels - Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse

Year : 1971
Label : Altantic
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Conscious

Rare groove collectible fusion album by american Psychedelic Soul Man Eugene Mc Daniels between Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, Folk music (Susan Jane) and even Free (the last minutes of The Parasite (For Buffy)) associated with conscious lyrics. Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse was sampled by several Hip-Hop artists as evidenced Headless Heroes by the Beastie Boys in Get It Together (on Ill Communication) and  Pete Rock & CL Smooth in Soul Brother #1 (on Mecca And The Soul Brother), Jagger The Dagger by A Tribe Called Quest in Push It Along (on People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm). Arranged & directed by Harry Whitaker, produced by Joel Dorn.

Eugene McDaniels_lead vocal 
Carla Cargill_vocal
Harry Whitaker_electric piano
Gary King_electric bass
Miroslav Vitous_acoustic bass 
Alphonse Mouzon_drums
Richie Resnikoff_guitar 

01. The Lord Is Back
02. Jagger The Dagger
03. Lovin' Man
04. Headless Heroes
05. Susan Jane
06. Freedom Death Dance
07. Supermarket Blues
08. The Parasite (For Buffy)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Procussions - Up All Night

Year : 2004
Label : Miclife Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop, Jazz
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Conscious

Mr. J. Medeiros (rap),  Resonant (rap) and Stro The 89th Key (keyboards, drums, rap) form the american Hip-Hop group, The Procussions. This EP was recorded in a night jam session, it combines instrumental jazz fusion with Fender Rhodes & spoken words, mixed by Jason Skills (from The Sound Providers). After they were signed to Rawkus Records, they released their second album 5 Sparows For 2 Cents with some featurings as Talib Kweli in Miss January (2006) and recorded It's All Real which appears on Shattered Soul On A Pastel Sky, first album of Shin-Ski (2007). An enhanced limited edition was released the same year in japan with five bonus tracks whose the unreleased Life Of Brian and the fantastic Shin-Ski Remix of Introducing... (What's Your Name?) with DJ Ryow on turntables) and one video clip directed by Brandon Kraines.

01. Welcome   
02. Insert Rhyme Here   
03. Mr. J Warm Up   
04. Coffee Break   
05. The Cereal Chronicles
06. Second Wind    
07. Good Morning Colorado   
08. The Stay Awake Samba   
09. B Boy Alarm Clock   
10. J Skills Never Sleeps

Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums

Year : 1968
Label : Date
Genre : Soul, Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Funk/Soul

Debut album of Bernard Purdie as a leader including deep soul grooves, rhythm&blues with incredible drum breaks, recorded in 1967 A part of titles includes includes hit single Funky Donkey and also notable jazz cover track Caravan by Duke Ellington. A collection of  eleven remarkable instrumentals tracks accompanied by the Purdie' shouts and his drum patterns called The Purdie Shuffle or Half-Time Purdie Shuffle. Arranged & conducted by Richard Tee.

Bernard Purdie_drums & shouting
Bob Bushnell_bass
Eric Gale & Billy Butler_guitar
Richard Tee_piano & organ
Seldon Powell_tenor saxophone & flute
Buddy Lucas_tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute & shouting

01. Soul Drums
02. Bee 'N' Tee
03. Caravan
04. Soul Bossa Nova
05. Jimmy's Back
06. Funky Donkey
07. Bill's Groove
08. On The Outskirts Of Minitown
09. Testifyin'
10. Modern Jive
11. Blow Your Lid (But Watch Your Cool)

Syl Johnson - Dresses Too Short

Year : 1968
Label : Twinight Records
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

Big Soul record by guitarist/singer Syl Johnson, a hitmaker and producer from Chicago, released under Twinight Records label, which includes his 1967 hit, "Come On Sock It to Me". This brilliant debut album features among influences of various contemporary R&B artists, the song "Different Strokes" has also been sampled in Hip-Hop, including  Public Enemy in Miuzi Weighs A Ton (1986), Wu-Tang Clan in Shame On A Nigga (1993) or more recently by rappers Kanye West and Jay Z for "The Joy" (2010).

01. Dresses Too Short
02. I Can Take Care Of Business
03. Different Strokes
04. Soul Drippin'
05. Fox Hunting On The Weekend
06. Ode To Soul Man
07. Come On Sock It To Me
08. I'll Take Those Skinny Legs
09. Try Me
10. Same Kind Of Thing
11. I've Got The Real Thing
12. Sorry 'Bout Dat!


Lupin The 3rd : TV Original Soundtrack BGM Collection

Year : 1980
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

Original Soundtrack of the fourth and final season of Lupin The 3rd Part II, one of the most famous japanese animated serie, broadcasted between 1979 & 1980. Titles includes Jazz, Funk & Disco in new recordings of the first tracks recorded for the season one (1977-1978), later, also edited in the compilation Lupin The 3rd Chronicle - 1977 Music File (2003) and alternative versions of Love Theme, Love Squall & Lupin III Theme. Composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno, performed by You & The Explosion Band.
01. Lost In The Desert (Zenigata & Lupin M4)

02. An Incognito
03. Love Theme
04. Waving Flame (Prologue M14)
05. Love Squall
06. Walking In A Prim (Day By Day M8)
07. A Secret Passage
08. Lupin III
09. Chasing The Hustler (That's Climax)
10. Night Flight (Mellow Time M7)
11. In The Dimentional World
12. !!Take A Chance!! (Chasers)
13. The Tumbler
14. On The Sunny Street
15. Illusional Lupin III
16. Love Is Everything

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