Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teruo Nakamura - Rising Sun

Year : 1976
Label : Kitty
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Based in New York since 1964, Teruo Nakamura is a japanese producer, multi-instrumentalist & jazz bassist, mainly known as a great performer of Fusion Jazz. Recorded at A&R Studio, New York City, Rising Sun is his second studio album as a leader featuring the distinguished guest, the organist Dr Lonnie Smith !! Teruo has recruited for the nonce, some prestigious local musicians such as Steve Grossman, Carter Jefferson or Harry Whitaker, all members of his 'The Rising Sun Band', formed with the guitarist Shiro Mori. Rising Sun is a typical album of Jazz Funk played in the pure Herbie Hancock or Headhunters style, including  samba beats (Rising Sun), electronic grooves (Red Shoes) & even reggae flavor with Sweet Pea & Collard Greens

Teruo Nakamura_bass, electric bass & keyboards
Shiro Mori_guitar
Harry Whitaker & Lonnie Smith_keyboards  
Art Gore_drums Steve Grossman & Carter Jefferson_saxophone
John Mosley_trumpet 

01. Rising Sun
02. Cat
03. Morning Mist/Steppin with Lord
04. Red Shoes
05. Precious One
06. Sweet Pea & Collard Greens


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jazz Liberatorz - Fruit Of The Past

Year : 2009
Label : Kif Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop, Electronic
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Downtempo, Conscious

Jazz Liberatorz is a french Hip-Hop trio formed in 1999 by producers and beatmakers, consisting of DJ Damage, Dusty and Madhi. As Clin D'oeil, released in 2008, their second and last album at this day, is a tribute dedicated to the golden age of Hip-Hop (commonly called "Old School" Hip-Hop). Jazz Liberatorz used Jazz samples plus various instruments played by the same backing band as on their first album. For Fruit Of The Past, they have collaborated with US independent Hip-Hop artists and legendary rappers such as Fat Lip from the Pharcyde, Mos Def from Blackstar, Aloe Blacc from Emanon, Wildchild, Declaime (aka Dudley Perkins), plus some french turnabilists such as 20Syl from Hocus Pocus or the Drum Brothers. Titles include original songs, remixes & instrumentals : Music In My Mind Part 2, Mountain Sunlight (feat. Mos Def), Back Packers, My Style Is Fly, After Party (feat. Wildchild). Produced by the owner of Kif records, Michaël Darmon. Fruit Of The Past is a classic as evidenced "Music In My Mind Part 2" included in the Optical Axis mixtape by DJ RYOW in 2008.

01. Music In My Mind Part 1
02. Loop Prisoner
03. What’s Real
04. Always Something
05. What’s Next On The Menu
06. Force Be With You
07. Diggin Sound
08. It Was Only A Song
09. Dark Keys
10. My Style Is Fly
11. Capture Your Mind
12. A Paris
13. After Party
14. That’s Right
15. Mountain Sunlight
16. Breathing Pleasure
17. Music In My Mind Part. 2
18. That’s Reality
19. Blue Avenue
20. Back Packers
21. Slow Down
22. Music Makes The World Go Round
23. What’s Next


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Thought for the Japanese

Nara, July 2009, The Great Daibutsu
Hope & Support from behardbop to the japanese. If you want to donate, contact Here

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kimiko Kasai With Gil Evans Orchestra - Satin Doll

Year : 1972
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Vocal, Big Band, Smooth

A wonderfully set from japanese vocalist Kimiko Kasai with orchestra conducted by Gil Evans. The line-up include two original members of Gil Evans OrchestraBilly Harper and Marvin 'Hannibal' Peterson plus japanese musicians, Kohsuke MineYoshio Suzuki (from Kohsuke Mine Quintet) and Hiroshi Fukumura. Titles include the jazz standards Satin Doll by Duke Ellington, Bye Bye Blackbird by Willie Dixon and I'm Walkin' by Fats Domino played in a groovy variation. All tracks arranged by Gil Evans, produced by Kiyoshi Itoh and recorded at CBS 1st studio in Tokyo.

Kimiko Kasai_vocal
Gil Evans_electric piano
Masayuki Takayanagi_guitar
Yoshio Suzuki_bass
Yoshiyuki Nakamura_drums
Kohsuke Mine_soprano & Alto saxophone
Marvin Peterson_trumpet
Hiroshi Fukumura & Hiroshi Munekiyo_trombone
Billy Harper_flute

01. Day By Day
02. Poor Butterfly
03. Bye Bye Blackbird
04. I Fall In Love Too Easily
05. Satin Doll
06. I'm Walkin'
07. When Suny Gets Blue
08. There'll Never Be Another You
09. Good Bye


Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat

Year : 1975
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Fusion

Hiroshi Suzuki is probably the best know japanese jazz trombonist with Hiroshi Fukumura. Hiroshi started his professional career in the Nobuo Hara' Sharps & Flats big band, played for various jazz artists as well as Sadao Watanabe, Takeshi Inomata, Yuji Ohno or Shungo Sawada. In 1969, he recorded for Takt Jazz Series, the japanese jazz masterpiece Variation with the Masahiko Togashi Quintet, and Up Up And Away with his big band, The Happy Cats. Later, Hiroshi joined the new super Jazz combo formed by Akira Ishikawa & Hiromasa Suzuki, the Freedom Unity, featuring saxophonist Takeru Muraoka & bassist Kunimitsu Inaba, all present on this recording. Titles include the familiar Jazz standard Walk Tall composed by Joe Zawinul for Cannonball Adderley, Cat by Takeru Muraoka and Romance by Hiromasa Suzuki plus two original compositions by Hiroshi Suzuki, Shrimp Dance & Kuro To Shiro.

Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Akira Ishikawa_drums
Hiromasa Suzuki_keyboards
Takeru Muraoka_saxophone
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass

01. Shrimp Dance
02. Kuro To Shiro
03. Walk Tall
04. Cat
05. Romance

Friday, March 4, 2011

Soul Media - Funky Stuff

Year : 1974
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Brilliant Jazz Funk groove recorded by Soul Media, in fact, the japanese saxophonist Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media featuring Hiromasa Suzuki, Takashi Imai & Akira Okazawa. Funky Stuff is a common work between Jiro & Colgen Suzuki including straight ahead jazz close to CTI recordings, in the same vein as The Crusaders with only Suzuki's compositions, except Funky Stuff by Kool & The Gang from their successful 'Wild And Peaceful' LP (1974) & Scratch by trumpeter Wayne Henderson. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Jiro Inagaki_tenor & soprano sax, flute
Hiromasa Suzuki_fender rhodes
Takashi Imai_trombone
Hiroshi Yasukawa_guitar
Akira Okazawa_bass
Hazime Ishimatsu_drums

01. Painted Paradise
02. Funky Motion
03. Breeze
04. Scratch
05. Funky Stuff
06. One For Jiro
07. Gentle Wave
08. Four Up

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