Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be Hard Bop - New Stream In Jazz Vol. 4

Volume 4 of the compilation series dedicated to the Golden Age of Japanese Jazz scene through the years 60-70's. This volume is devoted to the Jazz Rock music including eleven tracks to the psychedelic accent, recorded between 1969-1972, featuring Kiyoshi Sugimoto, George Otsuka, Jiro Inagaki, Akira Ishikawa, Yoshiaki Masuo, Takeshi Inomata, Hiromasa Suzuki, Toshiaki Yokota & Kaolu Iiyoshi.
Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be Hard Bop - The Psychedelic Soul Vol.3

Vol. 3 of the compilation series dedicated to the japanese beat, GS music & Rock 'N' Roll, bringing together twenty tracks from Pop, Rhythm 'N' Blues to Jazz Rock, released between 1966 & 1972, featuring Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, The Golden Cups, Jun Mayuzumi, Sadakazu Tabata & Rhythm Kings, Sammy & More...

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Mulatu Astatke Featuring Fekade Amde Maskal ‎– Ethio Jazz

Year : 2013/1974
Label : Heavenly Sweetness/Amha Records
Genre : Jazz, World
Style : Soul Jazz, Ethio Jazz, Afro Jazz

Ethio Jazz was originally released as Yekatit Ethio-Jazz in 1974 on Ethiopian label, Amha Records, bringing together various tracks recorded by Mulatu Astatke between 1969 and 1974. Formed at Boston's Berklee College of Music during the sixties, Mulatu Astatke is a multi-instrumentalist, founder of the Ethio Jazz genre, the first to combine traditional ethiopian sound with Jazz & Latin music. Indeed, in 1966, Mulatu & His Quintet have recorded in New York City, two Afro-Cuban Jazz albums (Afro-Latin Soul, Volumes 1 & 2), which lead him to introduce latin & western instruments in the popular Ethiopian music. Mulatu has gained an international recognition many years later, first  thanks to the Parisian label Buda Musique, which selected some of his best songs included in the volume 4 from the Éthiopiques compilation series, a volume entirely devoted to him (Éthiopiques Volume 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale, 1969–1974). Secondly in US, three of his compositions including Yèkèrmo Sèw & Gubèlyé, were selected for the Broken Flowers Original Soundtrack (2005), directed by Jim Jarmusch. At last, some great names of Hip-Hop have sampled his songs such as Nas, Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, Quantic or Madlib. All tracks composed by Mulatu Astatke except Asmarina by Fekade Amde Maskal, Ené Alantchi Alnorem by Girma Hadgu, the traditionals  Sabyé & Gubèlyé.

Mulatu Astatke_keyboards
Fekade Amde Maskal_tenor saxophone, flute 
Mogus Habté_tenor saxophone
Yohannes Tèkolla_trumpet
Andrew Wilson_guitar
Giovanni Rico_bass 
Tèmarè Harègu_drums

01. Dèwèl    
02. Yèkèrmo Sèw    
03. Gubèlyé    
04. Asmarina    
05. Yèkatit    
06. Nètsanèt    
07. Tezetayé Antchi Lidj    
08. Sabyé    
09. Ené Alantchi Alnorem


Chet Baker ‎– Sextet & Quartet (In Milan)

Year : 2010/1960
Label : Wax Time/Music
Genre : Jazz
Style : Bop, Cool & Contempory Jazz 

Cool & West Coast Jazz album originally released under "Chet Baker In Milan" for Jazzland label, recorded in 1959, during the Milanese sessions featuring only italian musicians. Titles include Look For The Silver, Lady Bird, Line For Lions, Tune Up, Cheryl Blues & Pent Up House performed in sextet formation, My Old Flame & Indian Summer in quartet, and the bonus track My Funny Valentine performed with the Len Mercer's Orchestra. All tracks was arranged by  Giulio Libano and recorded september 25, 29 & october 6,1959 at Gurtler Studio in Milan.

Chet Baker_trumpet, vocal on My Funny Valentine
Glauco Masetti_alto saxophone
Gianni Basso_tenor saxophone
Renato Sellani_piano
Franco Cerri_bass 
Gene Victory_drums

01. Look For The Silver Lining
02. Lady Bird
03. My Old Flame
04. Line For Lions
05. Tune Up
06. Cheryl Blues
07. Indian Summer
08. Pent Up House
09. My Funny Valentine 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teruo Nakamura And The Rising Sun - Song Of The Birds

Year : 1977
Label : Kitty
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Fusion
Website :

Song Of The Birds is the third solo album by japanese bassist & multi-instrumentalist Teruo Nakamura, also known under Manhattan Special's name, was released first for US market with different cover. Settled in New York since 1964, Teruo has already worked for Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Roy Haynes, Grover Washington Jr, Helen Merrill, Steve Grossman and many more. Song Of The Birds was recorded at A&R studio in New York, featuring an american line-up, The Rising Sun Band (born on his previous album "Rising Sun" 1976), formed by Teruo & Shiro Mori with some prestigious guest musicians like Herbie Hancock. The renowned of Teruo goes to beyond the borders of jazz, as evidenced several of his songs which have been sampled by US Hip-Hop artists as PM Dawn, The Roots or Jay-Z : Ital (The Universal Side) by The Roots feat. Q-Tip (1996), contains a sample of Cat (1976) or Filthy Rich (I Don't Wanna Be) by P.M. Dawn (1993), which contains a sample of Firefly (1977). Titles include Manahattan Special, the latin wave Rainbow & Sequoia Forest composed by Shiro Mori, Mescalito & the medley Sunrise In Africa by Harry Whitaker, Wiggle Worm by Mark Gray, and two originals songs by Teruo (Firefly & Mr. Cherry And Mr. T). All tracks arranged by Teruo Nakamura.

Teruo Nakamura_bass, harmonica, synthesizer & percussion

 The Rising Sun Band :

Shiro Mori_guitar, synthesizer
Mark Gray_piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ
Harry Whitaker_piano, electric piano
Carter Jefferson_tenor & soprano saxophone
Keiji Kishida_drums
Nobu Urushiyama_percussion

Additionals musicians :

Herbie Hancock_electric piano & synthesizer
Benny Lee_synthesizer
Art Gore, Bruno Carr, James H. Madison, Robert Right_drums
Neil Clarke_congas, bongos
Craig Haynes,Richard Barrata, Tadashi Yasunaga_percussions
Art Webb_flute 
John Mosley_trumpet & flugelhorn
James E. Stowe, Sal Randazzo & William J. Ohashi_trombone
Lani Groves_vocals

01. Manahattan Special
02. Rainbow
03. Mescalito
04. Firefly
05. Wiggle Worm
06. Sequoia Forest
07. Mr. Cherry And Mr. T
08. Love Is A Reflection In The Mirrors~Sunrise In Africa


Sadao Watanabe - Live At The Junk

Year : 1970
Label : CBS
Genre : Jazz
Style : Easy Listening, Bossa Nova, Jazz Rock, Samba

Live recording performed in concert by the Sadao Watanabe Quartet at the Jazz Club "Junk", Ginza, Tokyo, 26 & 27th december, 1969. Sadao is surrounded by a rhythm section which consists of Yoshiaki Masuo, Yoshio Suzuki & Fumio Watanabe, his main formation from 1968 to 1970. This album may be seen as a kind of 10 years synthesis of a rich career, since his first testimony as leader (Sadao Watanabe - 1961), a period during which he's released several discs ranging from the Bossa Nova to Jazz Rock. Titles include jazz standards by Charlie Parker (Cheryl) & Jimmy Van Heusen (Here's That Rainy Day), Bossa Nova songs from Antonio Carlos Jobim (No More Blues, Granny's Samba~Ending Felicidade), the two Pop covers, Georgia On My Mind & This Guy's In Love With You, and the original Sadao's Jazz Rock tune, If I Said The Sky Was Fallin', comosed for the japanese TV drama "Matte Masu Wa" broadcasted on TBS from 1969.

Sadao Watanabe_ alto & sopranino saxophone
Yoshio Suzuki_acoustic & electric bass
Yoshiaki Masuo_guitar
Fumio Watanabe_drums

01. Cheryl
02. If I Said The Sky Was Fallin'
03. Georgia On My Mind - Theme
04. This Guy's In Love With You
05. No More Blues
06. Here's That Rainy Day
07. Granny's Samba - Ending Felicidade


New Herd - Perspective

Year : 1969
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Modern Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style :  Big Band, Modal, Jazz-Rock, Avant-garde

Also presented as a Masahiko Sato work in co-leading alongside Toshiyuki Miyama, Perspective is a major album to the forefront of Japanese music, representative of the best Jazz productions recorded during the late sixties and coming from Japan. The title song is a original avant-garde composition including free improvisations, written and arranged by Masahiko Sato. Lazy Lazy is composed & arranged by pianist Norio Maeda on the modal form with Jazz Rock & Big Band style. Yamaki Kozaburo has composed, meanwhile, the "Furisode Girl", based on some Far East folklore mixed with the modal jazz style. The rest of the songs includes Pithecanthropus Erectus, arranged by Norio Maeda from the original by Charlie Mingus, the Jazz Rock cover from The Beatles, Tomorrows Never Knows, & Africa by John Coltrane, both arranged by Yamaki Kozaburo.

Toshiyuki Miyama_band leader, alto & soprano saxophone
Hiroshi Takami_alto saxophone
Kosuke Ichihara_tenor saxophone
Shunzo Sunahara_baritone saxophone
Kōji Hatori_trumpet
Seiichi Tokura_trombone
Masahiko Sato & Norio Maeda_piano
Kōzaburō Yamaki_guitar
Masao Kunisada_bass
Sadaichi Tabata_drums

01. Perspective
02. Lazy Lazy
03. Tomorrow Never Knows
04. Pithecanthropus Erectus
05. Furisode Girl
06. Africa


Monday, June 8, 2015

Tribo Massáhi - Estrelando Embaixador

Year : 1972/2015
Label : River's/Goma Gringa (Reissue)
Genre : Afrobeat, Latin Jazz, World
Style : MPB, Funk/Soul, Psychedelic

Unconventional brazilian album recorded in 1971, coming from the São Paulo underground music scene, an Holy Grail and ultra rare LP finally reissued by the Brazilian label, Goma Gringa. Back to the african roots for this Brazilian Afro-Psych group formed around seven members, all supported by a rhythm section featuring the 'Embaixador', that refers to the percussionist Sebastião Rosa De Oliveira. The band performs a music between Afrobeat/Afro Soul and a kind of Samba Funk form, married to the typical African-Brazilian fusion culture. Divided in two parts called Timolȏ Timodê for side A & B Lido's Square for side B, each containing four tracks played without interruption, Estrelando Embaixador includes Walk By Jungle, Dandara, Oan written by Embaixador & Madrugada Sem Luar written by Ruy Barbosa.

Sebastião Rosa De Oliveira_percussion, lead vocal
Toninho Mil Acordes_led guitar 
Rui Barbosa_acoustic guitar
Lápis_cow bells

  • Timolȏ Timodê
Part 1 : Walk By Jungle    
Part 2 : Fareuá    
Part 3 : Harmatan    
Part 4 : Dandara

  • Lido's Square
Part 1 : Pae Joao    
Part 2 : Menina De Janela    
Part 3 : Oan    
Part 4 : Madrugada Sem Luar


Thursday, June 4, 2015


The Sound From A Revolutionary Era ! Mixtape bringing together some songs & instrumentals in the pure abstract Hip-Hop style including conscious, protest lyrics, Funk, Jazz & Soul samples, coming from independent Rap artists and their associated labels, featuring Jurassic 5, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Glue, Emanon, The Procussions, Black Star, DJ Muro & Substantial

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop
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