Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jacques Loussier - Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille

Year : 2009/1967
Label : Vadim Music/Decca
Genre : Stage & Screen, Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Pop, Jazz Funk, Electronic Moods

Jacques Loussier is a french pianist & composer internationaly renowned for his 'Play Bach' series, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, consisting in five discs performed between 1959-1967 with bassist Pierre Michelot and drummer Christian Garros. Mister Loussier has composed soundtracks for over 67 films, made for television films and television series whose Dark Of The Sun (1968) and this obscure 'cult' soundtrack recorded for the Dirk Sanders movie 'Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille' (You Only Love Once in english broadcasted in 1967). It combines Jazz, Pop (check above the Jerk "Top Cover Girl" track), Bossa Nova, Soul Jazz and various eclectic moods, including electronic sounds occurred by organ, synthesizer and the ringtones bells, all served by Big Band and the magnificent arrangements of Loussier.

01. Generique Début
02. Ballet Photo Rouge  
03. Ballade Dans Paris La Nuit 
04. Poursuite Jaguar
05. Promenade Au Luxembourg
06. Kam-Tcha-Tka
07. Baiser
08. Leslie's Jerk
09. Sortie Metro
10. Clara's Jerk
11. Top Cover Girl
12. Ballade Dans Paris
13. Robe Rose
17. Generique Fin


Janko Nilovic - Chorus

Year : 1974
Label : Montparnasse 2000
Genre : Jazz, Pop, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk,Vocal

Reissued by Pulp Flavor/Dare Dare Records, this  rare french Library LP was recorded in studio Barclay, produced by Louis Delacour aka Dave Sucky (co-founder with André Farry of the french libray label, Montparnasse 2000). All titles composed & arranged by Janko Nilovic.

01. Mornings
02. Chorus
03. The Third Power
04. One Together
05. Ilion
06. Boom Bang
07. Christmas Roses
08. Hommage À Pelé (Brasiliana)
09. Vox Humana
10. Mrs. Brown
11. Magical World
12. Down Down     

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nujabes - Spiritual State

Year : 2011
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Downtempo
Website :

Third, last and posthume album released by Nujabes after Metaphorical Music in 2003 and Modal Soul in 2005. Titles includes instrumental songs mixing Cool Jazz & Downtempo and several featurings performed with Pase Rock from Five Deez (City Light & Yes) Cise Star from CYNE (Sky Is Tumbling), Substantial (City Light & Waiting For The Clouds), the multi-instrumentalist, Uyama Hiroto (Island, Gone Are The Day & Spiritual State) and Haruka Nakamura (on Island). Recorded, produced & mixed by Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto.

Uyama Hiroto_piano & saxophone
Haruka Nakamura_guitar
Segawa Tatsuya_cuts & scratches

01. Spiritual State
02. Sky Is Tumbling
03. Gone Are The Day
04. Spirale       
05. City Light
06. Color Of Autumn       
07. Dawn On The Side       
08. Yes
09. Rainy Way Back Home       
10. Far Fowls       
11. Fellows       
12. Waiting For The Clouds
13. Prayer       
14. Island


Hilton Felton - The Best Of Hilton Felton 1970-1974

Year : 2012
Label : Hilton's Concept/JAZZMAN
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

Curious compilation of some Felton' Soul Jazz Funk songs released between 1970-1974. The compilation is based on only three of his productions from his own label Hilton Concept : A Man For All Reasons '74 (Bee Bop Boogie & Tell Her Love Has The Need), Family And Friends '72 (Spreading Fever), and Dream Come True (1971) performed by The Three Of Us (Dream Come True & Your Analysis). The Three Of Us is a Jazz trio formed by Hilton featuring percussionist Jonathan Settel & guitarist David Mendenhall. On the others tracks, the rest of the group  include Orville Saunders, Joe Hall from The Blackbyrds, Andrew White, Howard Chichester, Charles Fuller and Gary Hart. All tracks composed & arranged by Hilton Felton.

Hilton Felton_organ & Fender Rhodes
Orville Saunders_guitar
Joe Hall & Andrew White_bass
Howard Chichester_drums
Charles Fuller_trumpet
Gary Hart_tenor sax & flute

01. Bee Bop Boogie,
02. Spreading Fever
03. Dream Come True (Part 1 & 2)
04. Your Analysis
05. Tell Her Love Has The Need

Kenny Dorham - Una Mas (One More Time)

Year : 1963
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova, Hard Bop

Una Mas (One More Time) is the most famous album of trumpetist Kenny Dorham surrounded by an explosive quintet including Herbie Hancock & Tony Williams. The peculiarity of this album is a brazilian beat orientation as evidenced Bossa Nova tunes Una Mas & Sao Paulo, while, as to Straight ahead, fits into the Hard Bop style. The penultimate LP for Blue Note label composed entirely by Kenny Dorham and recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.

Kenny Dorham_trumpet
Butch Warren_bass
Herbie Hancock_piano
Tony Williams_drums
Joe Henderson_tenor saxophone   
01. Una Mas (One More Time)
02. Straight Ahead
03. Sao Paulo
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