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Claude Bolling - Vivre La Nuit (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 1968
Label : Emarcy
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Soul Jazz, Pop

Reissue of original soundtrack Vivre La Nuit directed by Marcel Camus and starring, in particular, Serge Gainsbourg. Composed & conducted by well-know french pianist Claude Bolling, brings many musical styles between Pop, Jazz, Soul and Rhythm & Blues. French singer Nicole Crosille under the pseudonym of Tuesday Jackson has collaborated to the lyrics. Vocals are provided by Gerry Beckles on Good Cook, Get That Feelin' &  I Can't Tell You, José Bartel on One More, The Girls on Make Love Number One, France Laurie on Heart And Soul and Danielle Licari on Voici le Jour. Performed by Claude Bolling & His Big Band.

01. Once More (Claude Bolling, Nicole Croisille)
02. Good Cook (Claude Bolling, Peter Giger, Pierre Dutour)
03. Vivre La Nuit (Claude Bolling)
04. Blue Strip (Claude Bolling)
05. Get That Feelin' (Claude Bolling, Jerry Beckels)
06. Purple Night (Claude Bolling)
07. Make Love Number One (Claude Bolling, Nicole Croisille)
08. Vivre La Nuit (Claude Bolling)
09. Heart And Soul (Claude Bolling, Nicole Croisille)
10. Blue Beat (Claude Bolling)
11. I Can't Tell You (Claude Bolling, Jerry Beckels)
12. Voici Le Jour (Claude Bolling, Guy Bontempelli)

Hiroshi Suzuki & His Happy Cats - Up Up And Away

Year : 1969
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style : Hard Bop, Soul Jazz, Free Improvisations

Another great Takt Jazz Series album by trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki, first work as a leader after his duet  with drummer Masahiko Togashi  (Hiroshi suzuki/Masahiko Togashi Quintet Variation released in 1969). Hiroshi started in Sharps & Flats, played with several talented musicians as bossa nova guitarist Shungo Sawada or Yuji Ohno and was member of the legendary Freedom Unity. The line-up consists to great big band with Takeshi Inomata, Tetsuo Fushimi and Shigeo Suzuki. Titles includes only pop covers from The Beatles, Burt Bacharach to Dusty Sprinfield, except 125th St. & 7th Avenue by american jazz saxophonist, Oliver Nelson. Performed by Hiroshi Suzuki & His Happy Cats.

Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Shigeo Suzuki _alto saxophone
Ichiro Mimori_tenor saxophone
Shiro Ohno_baritone saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet
Shigeaki Ikeno_organ
Takeshi inomata_drums
Tsuneo Shibata_bass
01. The Fool On The Hill
02. 125th St. & 7th Avenue
03. Up Up And Away
04. It Was A Very Good Year
05. Spooky
06. Eleanor Rigby
07. The Look Of Love
08. Stagolee


Norio Maeda - Revolution

Year : 1972
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Master Sonic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Experimental, Avant Garde

The meeting between the Avant Garde Jazz & the baroque music centered around the use of church organ (from Music Church). Norio Maeda was inspired by the work of Johann Sebastian Bach as has it could make, before him, the French composer & pianist Jacques Loussier in the sixties, with his famous 'Play Bach' series, marrying Jazz and classical music compositions. Also, as the title suggests, it's a experimental jazz project based on the repertoire from Johann Sebastian Bach where some sounds effects are used, bringing together some samples extracted from the Nature like the thunderstorm & other race car noises or from urban traffic. Titles include six interpretations from original Bach's compositions, Cool Drive & In A State Of Nature in the pure Soul Jazz style, Bossa Bossa Nova to the latin sounds and the final track, an experimental scat singing called Unchikipar performed by Maeda & his stooges. All tracks arranged and conducted by Norio Maeda.

Norio Maeda_piano, organ, vocal
Makoto 'Jun' Suzuki_bass
Sadanori Nakamure_guitar
Takeshi Inomata_drums
Teruyuki Fukushima_trumpet, flugelhorn

01. Cool Drive
02. Elegance (Bach Fugue I)
03. In A State Of Nature
04. Raijin (Bach Fugue XXII)
05. Prelude Of Rain (Bach Prelude I)
06. Bossa Bossa Nova
07. Umibozou No Tameiki (Bach Fugue XII)
08. Kamu (Bach Prelude II)
09. Shinja No Koushin (Bach Prelude XXIV)
10. Unchikipar


Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - In The Groove

Year : 1973
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Master Sonic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Jiro Inagaki left the Jazz Rock to focus himself on the Jazz Funk movement, with an album as The Jazz Crusaders know how best to do, as evidenced the cover songs of Wilton Felder (That's How I Feel) & Joe Sample (Put It Where You Want It). For this new route, Jiro has recruited new members for his Soul Media group featuring Akira Okazawa, Tsunehide Matsuki & Norio Maeda in charge of the arrangements and who contributes to three compositions. This blend of Smooth Jazz & Funk, approaches of the sound from CTI recordings that Creed Taylor has could produced in the seventies.
Jiro Inagaki_alto & tenor saxophone
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Takeshi Kamachi_electric piano
Akira Okazawa_bass
Takashi Imai_trombone
Hajime Ishimatsu_drums

01. That's How I feel
02. Blue Blood
03. It's Impossible
04. Put It Where You Want It
05. Crazy Medecine
06. Joie De Vivre
07. Papa Hooper's Barrel House Groove
08. Thrill Is Gone
09. Raven Speaks
10. Samba Chimba

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