Friday, November 8, 2013

Gabor Szabo - High Contrast

Year : 1971
Label : Blue Thumb Records
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style : Smooth Jazz, Post Bop, Jazz Guitar

The Hungarian 'Gypsy' guitarist associated with Soul Legend Bobby Womack to create this High 'Groove' Contrast. A Soulful project inspired by some Womack' works with four songs whose If You Don't Want My Love extracted from Communication album released the same year and  Across 110th Street Original Score (1972). In High Contrast features the Breezin' tune composed especially for him (later played by Benson in 1976) and three Szabo' originals (Amazon, Fingers & Azure Blue). To accompany them, some special guest as the Soul guitarist & bassist, Phil Upchurch on Breezin' & I Remember When and producer Tommy LiPuma (incognito) on this album under the pseudonym of The Shadow (tambourine & gourd). Produced by Tommy LiPuma.

Gabor Szabo _accoustic & electric guitar
Bobby Womack_rhythm guitar
Wolfgang Meltz & Phil Upchurch _bass
Jim Keltner_drums
Mark Levine_piano
Felix Falcon _congas
Carmelo Garcia _percussion
The Shadow_tambourine & gourd

01. Breezin'
02. Amazon
03. Azure Blue
04. Fingers
05. Just A Little Communication
06. If You Don't Want My Love
07. I Remember When
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