Sunday, October 2, 2011

ShinSight Trio - Moonlight Sunrise

Year : 2011
Label : Bad News Records
Genre : Hip Hop/Electronic
Style : Hip Hop Jazz

The ShinSight Trio's new album is a international Hip-Hop project with the collaboration of several MC : Geronimo MC from Germany, Moby Dee from France, US (Dagha, Shazzo, SayLove, Sendu, Educated Advocates), Japan with Hip-Hop Band Midicronica & SKY-HI, Soft Lipa from Taïwan. An eclectic album and quite different than the two others with electronica beats and Hip-Hop jazz/soul. All cuts performed by DJ Ryow, music written & arranged by Shin-Ski, lyrics by Insight, produced by ShinSight Trio.

01. Keep Rockin It (feat. Sondu)
02. Higher Velocity
03. Times Like These
04. Ocean Skyline (feat. SayLove, Sondu)
05. Stay On Track
06. We Got Soul (feat. Geronimo MC)
07. Rhyme Physics (feat. Midicronica, SKY-HI)
08. Take Stride (feat. Educated Advocates)
09. Rush (feat. Dagha, Shazzo)
10. Peace, Love and Happiness (feat. SayLove)
11. Music Is Magic (feat. Soft Lipa)
12. Do Da Dance
13. Can’t Forget HipHop (feat. Moby Dee)
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