Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Procussions - We Are Here/Introducing... (What's Your Name?)

Year : 2005
Label : Miclife Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip Hop, Conscious

In the following of their jazz-flavoured Up All Night EP, especially released for Japan in 2004, here two japanese singles editions of unreleased songs & remix featuring former band member Qq, Shin-Ski & DJ Ryow from ShinSight Trio. Titles include some bonus tracks, previously gathering in their unofficial album Up All Night Enhanced Edition which are We Are Here, Divine Intervention (Remix) and the funky Introducing... (What's Your Name?), this latter being remixed by Shin-Ski (beats) & DJ Ryow (cuts), plus instrumentals & Water's Edge from ...As Iron Sharpens Iron LP. In 2007, Resonant left the group, M.J. Medeiros released his first album solo produced by Stro The 89th Key (Of Gods And Girls). The band split officially in 2008 but later, Stro & M.J. reform the band in duo in 2012. All tracks written are by The Procussions and produced by Stro The 89th Key.

  • Divine Intervention (Remix) contains a sample extracted from Summer Madness (Light of The World - 1974) by Kool & The Gang

We Are Here

Side A : We Are Here
Side B :  Divine Intervention (Remix)

Introducing... (What's Your Name?)

Side A  : Introducing... (What's Your Name?) My Name Is Shin-Ski Remix/Instrumental
Side B : Water's Edge/Instrumental

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