Monday, October 8, 2012

Insight Presents The Maysun Project

Year : 2003
Label : On The Corner/Ascetic Music
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Hip-Hop Jazz, Funk/Soul, Conscious
Website : Insight FM

Insight surrounded by his friends presents The Maysun Project, an album with good vibes of funk, jazz and groovy beats. The Maysun Project form a kind of lesson provided by the Insight' philosophy :  learn yourself, study, get smart (for example check Message 2000 with KRS-One). It's an 'word' attack against George Bush Governement, a project with intelligent and conscious verses, featuring his main partner Dagha, Mr Lif, Jayda or Michael Elmoore who reciting a militant poem Conference. Introduction of Message 2000 is the Voice of Martin Luther King, Intermission contains a sample of Booker T & The MG's' Melting Pot from the album of the same name. All cuts by Insight, all tracks produced by Insight exepct Mental Mechanic  produced by Dysh, Ax Of Thor by Endangered Specie, Heaven And Hell & Game Of Life by Dagha. All tracks are recorded for Ascetic Music.

01. Intro
02. The Threat w/ Dagha
03. A Deep Look
04. Ax Of Thor
05. Rock That
06. Mental Mechanic
07. Riot
08. Confrontation
09. Movement (by Dagha)
10. Intermission
11. Conference (by Michael Elmoore)
12. Drop A Bomb
13. Heaven & Hell (by Dagha)
14. Outcome ft. Mr. Lif, Dagha
15. Message 2000 w/ KRS-One
16. Regret w/Jayda (Jen Castro)
17. Game Of Life (by Dagha)
18. Patience
19. Art Of Rap
20. Savage w/ Dagha
21. May Summary by Self Image (Shizz)
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