Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Janko Nilovic - Psyc Impressions

Year : 2011/1971
Label : Vadim Music/Montparnasse 2000
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Easy Listenning

Holy Grail and "Most Wanted" rare groove from Monparnasse 2000, a cult french music library label. Psyc’ Impressions is a blend of psychedelic jazz & pop funk including nice grooves served by brass band & orchestra, loud bass, funky drum breaks, blowing horns, satured guitar, and flutes/organ solos. Orchestra conducted by Janko Nilovic. Composed by Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky. Titles include Rush On The Ball, Duty Free, Shaking Pop, Blows And Rhythms, In The Space gathered together in four "mood" series. Note that "Concerto For A Star" material has recently been sampled by Jay Z for his latest hit "The Death Of The Auto Tune".

      Sport Mood Serie                                      
01. Rush On The Ball                                  
02. Ballad For A Horse                                
03. Duty Free                                                
04. Ski Trails                                                 
      Event Mood Serie
05. Real Happening  
06. Middle Contest
07. Face To The World     
08. Meeting In The Square

      Indicatif Mood Serie                                
09. Shaking Pop                                           
10. Sunder Fire                                             
11. Shadow Of Our Life                                 
12. Blows And Rhythms
      Cosmos Mood Serie
13. Love On The Moon
14. In The Space
15. Concerto For A Star                                  
16. New Heart
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