Friday, March 23, 2012

Takehiro Honda - Another Departure

Year : 1977
Label : JVC
Genre : Jazz
Style : Fusion, Latin
Amazing Jazz Trio formed by the legendary Takehiro Honda featuring two famous jazz players, former members of the Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet (1965-1968) : Ron Carter & Tony Williams. Honda is one of the most renowned japanese jazz pianist, influenced by McCoy Tyner, who played among others for the Nobuo Hara's Sharps & Flats Big Band, for the bassist Yoshio Suzuki or in the Sadao Watanabe live group between 1973 to 1978 as on Kenya Africa (1973), Swiss Air (at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1975), or Recital (1976). All compositions written by Takehiro Honda including various styles from Latin to Contempory & Crossover Jazz. Produced by Kiyoshi Itoh & Yukio Morisaki, recorded at Vanguard Studio, New York.

Takehiro Honda_piano
Ron Carter_bass
Tony Williams_drums

01. Calypso Street
02. Spirits Flow
03. Wonder
04. Longing
05. Puddle

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