Friday, March 23, 2012

Oneness Of Juju - African Rhthyms

Year : 1975
Label : Black Fire
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Spiritual, Afrobeat

Based around saxophonist James Plunky and Philip Muzi Branch, Oneness of Juju was one sound incarnation of the afro-funk jazz fusion scene in the seventies like Pharoah Sanders (they were often compared to him) or Sun Ra, return to African roots by the way of Panafricanism movement. African percussion therefore have a prominent place for the band but they also incorporated Rhthyms & Blues elements. This formation published only two recordings under this name, this disc and Space Jungle Luv in 1976. Composed & arranged by Oneness Of Juju.

Plunky Nkabinde_saxophones, flute, percussion, vocals,
Muzi Nkabinde_bass, percussion, vocals
Philip 'Pee Wee' Ford_Fender bass
Al Hammel Rasul_keyboards, percussion, vocals
Babatunde Olatunji_congas, drums, balophone, percussion, vocals
Ronnie Toler_drums
Lon Moshe_vibraphone, marimbas
Eka-Ete Jackie Lewis_vocals
Reggie Brisbane_balophone

01. African Rhythms
02. Kazi
03. Funky Wood
04. Tarishi
05. Mashariki
06. Chants
07. Don't Give Up
08. Incognito
09. Poo Too
10. Liberation Dues
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