Friday, March 23, 2012

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Malik

Year : 1975
Label : Makossa
Genre : Jazz, Afrobeat
Style : Jazz Funk

The second album of The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band released in 1975, a heavyweight funk-rock fusion led by Frank Abel. There are still some titles for dancefloor like I Love Music and jazz-funk tracks ever best they written like Darkest Light.

Frank Abel_keyboards
Ernest 'Donny' Donnable_drums
Lafayette Hudson
Keno Speller
Larry Jones
Arthur Young
_percussion, flute & horns
Ronnie James Buttacavoli_
Lee Roy_saxophone
Michael McEwan_guitar

01. Dgunji
02. Raff
03. Conga
04. Avi-Vo
05. Malik
06. Darkest Light
07. Baba Hya
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