Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A State Of Mind - Crown Yard

Year : 2011
Label : Wagram
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz/Funk

A.S.M. are two MCs (Green-T & FP) and one beatmaker (Fade) from England who played Hip-Hop, Reggae and Trip-Hop. Revealed by French DJ Wax Tailor, they collaborated with him on Positively Inclined from HOPE & SORROW (2007), Say Yes from In the Mood for Life (2009) and Guaranteed from their first LP Platypus Funk (2010). On Platypus Funk, they also collaborated with DJ Vadim, Sadat X, Wildchild and Bonobo. They surrounded by a soul and funky backing band (among 6ixtoys players Marco Bernardis on tenor sax, Paul Burton on trombone, Tom Ashbrook on keyboards) make the album as Blaxploitation soundtrack. Cuts & Scratches by Stab. Produced & arranged by Fade.

01. Splice The Mainbrace
02. Cool Runnings
03. Don't Look Back
04. Give It Up (feat. Esther Cowens)
05. Rhodes Less Travelled
06. Count It
07. Hide & Seek (feat. Cornell Campbell)
08. Gone Fishin'
09. Lovelife
10. Testimony (feat. Mattic from The Others)
11. Rawskank Redemption (feat. Justin Percival)
12. The Heist
13. Milk Thistle
14. Double Negative
15. Limbo
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