Friday, November 25, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg - Initials B.B.

Year : 1968
Label : Philips
Genre : Rock
Style : Pop

Serge Gainsbourg introduces a new route in his prolific career, leaving Jazz to Pop music, a genre he knows well since it has already composed for several French entertainers previously. This album includes several tracks recorded between 1965 and 1968, some in the studio Fontana (Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde, Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba, Qui Est In Qui Est Out, Marilu in 1965) and the studio Chappell (Bloody Jack, Initials B.B., Black And White, Ford Mustang in 1968) in London. The famous french Pop song anthem Initials BB (nickname of Brigitte Bardot) echo the arrangements of the Dvorak' Symphony No. 9 From the New World. Arranged & Conducted by David Whitaker for Comic Strip, Torrey Canyon and Hold-Up, Michel Colombier for Bonnie & Clyde, Arthur Greenslade for the other pieces. All tracks written by Serge Gainsbourg.

01. Initials B.B.
02. Comic Strip
03. Bloody Jack
04. Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde
05. Torrey Canyon
06. Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba
07. Ford Mustang
08. Bonnie And Clyde
09. Black And White
10. Qui Est In Qui Est Out
11. Hold Up
12. Marilu

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