Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Pazant Bros. & The Beaufort Express - Loose And Juicy

Year : 1975
Label : Vanguard
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

A very rare LP, the only album from a funky brass band. In fact, a replay of their debut recording between 1969-1971 (Skunk Juice, Work Song, A Gritty Nitty, New Orleans...) under the name of Pazant Brothers : Eddie Pazant (saxophone) and Alvin Pazant (trumpet) from The Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers.

Aaron Thompson_bass
Perry Smith_drums
Harry Jensen_guitar
Ray Chew_keyboards
Pablo Lundrum_percussion
Pete Yellin_tenor saxophone
Mike Terry_trombone

01. A Gritty Nitty
02. Back to Beaufort
03. Loose and Juicy
04. Clabber Biscuits
05. Toe Jam
06. Work Song
07. Spooky
08. Skunk Juice
09. You've Got to Do Your Best
10. New Orleans
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