Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kaolu Iiyoshi & The Wip - Soul Tripper

Year : 1971
Label : Denon/Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Rock, Pop

Kaolu Iiyoshi, also known as Garo, is a jazz pianist, organist, arranger & band leader of the japanese Jazz Rock band, The Wip ( for War, Intelligence & Peace) presented here. This album reminds the work of Serge Gainsbourg on Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg album (1969) : a blend of Baroque Pop with some sides from Bossa Nova, Easy Listening & Jazz Rock, associated to wah-wah guitar effects, funky organ, strings orchestra and beautiful arrangements, the whole contributing so to create a sweet mood. Titles include the pop covers from The Beatles (Eleanor Rigby, Ticket To Ride) or The Carpenters (We' ve Only Just Begun), the tribute I Love Jobim, the Jazz standard, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, plus four original composition from Garo. All tracks arrnged by Kaolu Iyoshi.

01. Soul Tripper
02. Eleanor Rigby
03. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
04. A Treasure Island
05. Secret Love
06. I Love Jobim
07. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
08. We' ve Only Just Begun
09. Ticket To Ride
10. Who Can I Turn To
11. Love Story
12. Catolea

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