Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insight - The Blast Radius

Year : 2004
Label : Brick Records
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Conscious, Abstract, Hip Hop Jazz

After The Maysun Project (2002) and before Targeting Zone (2007), Insight presents us a 2xLP with special guests & friends. The same good sauce, fast and terrific flow, DJ & MC, he proves once again his ability as turnabilist & lyricist. All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Insight. All lyrics by Insight and additional lyrics by the guests. Abstract & Conscious Hip-Hop.

01. Time Frame
02. Hazardous Material
03. Evolve
04. Bother Me
05. Lots of Facts About Control
06. Another Cycle
07. Seventeen MC's
08. The Method of Madness (feat. Dagha)
09. Ready & Able
10. Another Intermission
11. Daily Routine
12. Inventors (Black)
13. Unexplained Phenomena (feat. Edan)
14. Strategy (feat. A.G. & Edo.G)
15. Visual Audio (feat. Insight, Dagha & Adad)
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