Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teruo Nakamura - Rising Sun

Year : 1976
Label : Kitty
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Based in New York since 1964, Teruo Nakamura is a japanese producer, multi-instrumentalist & jazz bassist, mainly known as a great performer of Fusion Jazz. Recorded at A&R Studio, New York City, Rising Sun is his second studio album as a leader featuring the distinguished guest, the organist Dr Lonnie Smith !! Teruo has recruited for the nonce, some prestigious local musicians such as Steve Grossman, Carter Jefferson or Harry Whitaker, all members of his 'The Rising Sun Band', formed with the guitarist Shiro Mori. Rising Sun is a typical album of Jazz Funk played in the pure Herbie Hancock or Headhunters style, including  samba beats (Rising Sun), electronic grooves (Red Shoes) & even reggae flavor with Sweet Pea & Collard Greens

Teruo Nakamura_bass, electric bass & keyboards
Shiro Mori_guitar
Harry Whitaker & Lonnie Smith_keyboards  
Art Gore_drums Steve Grossman & Carter Jefferson_saxophone
John Mosley_trumpet 

01. Rising Sun
02. Cat
03. Morning Mist/Steppin with Lord
04. Red Shoes
05. Precious One
06. Sweet Pea & Collard Greens

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