Thursday, February 3, 2011

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

Year : 2003
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic
Style : Jazzy Hip Hop, Downtempo

The Hip-Hop producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ, Otis Jackson Jr, remixes for Blue Note some of its Soul Jazz catalog among Donald Byrd, Ronnie Foster or Bobby Hutcherson. In addition, Madlib offers likewise new interpretations of Blue Note classics from Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock performed featuring the Morgan Adams Quartet (for Stormy, Funky Blue Note), the Yesterdays New Quintet (for Footprints) & the Sound Direction (for Song For My Father). All cuts & beats by Madlib except on Slim's Return & Montara by DJ Lord Such.

Madlib, Malcom Catto, Joe Chambers, Lefty Houston_drums
Joe McDuphrey, Morgan Adams III_organ, keyboards
James King_flute
Dan Ubick_guitar
Derek Holman, Malik Flavors, Malcom Catto, Derek Holman_percussion
Ahmad Miller_vibes
Monk Hughes, Russel Jenkins, Jeff Jank_bass

01. Introduction
02. Slim's Return
03. Distant Land
04. Mystic Bounce
05. Stormy
06. Blue Note Interlude
07. Please Set Me At Ease feat. M.E.D.
08. Funky Blue Note
09. Alfred Lion Interlude
10. Steppin' Into Tomorrow
11. Andrew Hill Break
12. Montara
13. Song For My Father
14. Footprints
15. Peace/Dolphin Dance
16. Outro

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