Monday, January 18, 2010

Pat D - Take A Little Time

Year : 2008
Label : A Bridge Too Far Recordings
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Nu-Soul

Second recording of Patrick Dooner aka Pat D released for the independant label, A Bridge Too Far Recordings. Pat D is a producer, beatmaker & DJ from England who collaborated, in 2009, with french producers, the Fakehunters. Take a Little Time is undoubtedly inspired by the Soul Jazz & Swing styles featuring several artists from UK, US & France including MC's and vocalists Melodiq, Elodie Rama, Fisto,Voice, Lady Paradox, Lauren Jade and Sene. All tracks composed & produced by Pat D. All cuts, beats & scratches by Pat D.

  • Intro/Relax Your Mind contains sample of Pure Imagination extract from BJ4 by Bob James

01. Intro
02. Melodiq - Relax Your Mind
03. Fisto & Elodie Rama - Laisse Couler L'encre
04. Efeks - Retrospection
05. Lauren Jade - Need Me Around
06. Melodiq & Lady Paradox - In Control
07. Voice - Fly Away
08. Lady Paradox & Lauren Jade - Moments
09. Eva Lazarus - Good Times
10. Melodiq - Come Along
11. Lady Paradox - Joint Thoughts
12. Sene - Peace
13. Lauren Jade - Silly Head
14. Melodiq - Rockin' With The Best
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