Thursday, April 23, 2009

Akira Ishikawa Count Buffalo Jazz And Rock Band - Bakishinba

Year : 1970
Label : Polydor
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Rock

The legendary drummer Akira Ishikawa & his Count Buffalos, were prolific on the japanese Jazz Rock scene from the late sixties to the early seventies. Best known as the bandleader for the Japanese version of rock musical ‘Hair’ from Broadway, he was also an active member of various japanese Jazz formations as Ace 7 or the famous 'Freedom Unity' quintet featuring pianist Hiromasa Suzuki, saxophonist Takeru Muraoka, bassist Kunimitsu Inaba and trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki. Akira Ishikawa started in the mid-fifties  when he joined the Akira Miyazawa's Modern All Stars and later the New Herd conducted by saxophonist Toshiyuki Miyama. After after a trip in eastern Africa, Akira introduced several traditional Afro-percussions in his music, in order to create a clever fusion between Jazz, Rock & Soul, in which african sounds were added as evidenced Bakishinba - Memories Of Africa with the African Deer suite. This orientation which will reach its apogee with the cult album, 'Uganda', released in 1972, all in collaboration of Norio Maeda & Hiromasa Suzuki in charge of arrangements. Titles include Sandstorm & Sunrise composed by M. Yoshino, Flamingo & African Deer by Norio Maeda, Bakishinba, Mirage & Blue Soul by Hiromasa Suzuki. All tracks arranged by Norio Maeda & Hiromasa Suzuki.

Akira Ishikawa_drums & african percussion
Kiyoshi Sugimoto_electric guitar
Isao Eto_electric bass
Hirosama Suzuki_keyboards
Norio Maeda_organ
Takeru Muraoka_tenor sax
Masami Kawahara_latin percussion

01. Sandstorm
02. Sunrise
03. Flamingo
04. African Deer
05. Bakishinba
06. Mirage
07. Blue Soul


Chute Libre - Spasmolune

Year : 1977
Label : EMI
Genre : Jazz
Style :  Jazz Rock/Jazz Funk

With Cortex, here another cult french Jazz Funk band, Chute Libre, which was formed by former members of Moravagine featuring Mino Cinelu, Olivier Hutman, Denis Barbier & Pierre-Jean Gidon. Olivier Hutman was collaborated with Pepper Adams, Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, Eddy Louiss or Claude Barthélemy while Mino Cinelu was member of Gong, Weather Report and collborated with Pat Metheny, Gato Barbieri, Dave Holland or Michel Portal. The band released another album called Ali Baba in 1978.

Olivier Hutman_piano, electric piano, keys
Patrice Cinelu_guitar
Gilles Douieb_bass
Umberto Pagnini_drums
Mino Cinelu_percussion
Pierre-Jean Gidon & Eric Letourneux_saxophone
Olivier De La Taille_trumpet
Phillippe Simon_trombone
Denis Barbier_flute

01. Black Sweat
02. Jerba
03. Tao
04. Sainte Bernadette
05. Flaucerto
06. Penelope Au Balcon
07. Spasmolune
08. Jeremy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Robert Charlebois Avec Louise Forestier - Lindberg

Year : 1968
Label : Gamma
Genre : Jazz, Rock
Style : Psychedelic Rock, Pop

Rare & cult collectible LP of the quebecois Robert Charlebois, is the most well-known songwritter, poet, singer & musician from Montréal. He started on stage in 1962 and released his first single La Boulée in 1965. In 1967, he left Canada to California where he met several american Rock&Roll artists & band like Frank Zappa and discovered the psychedelism which will revolutionize his vision of music. In 1969, he caused a scandal when he played at Olympia in Paris, performed later at Festival Pop of Toronto and the same year he take the Pancanadian train with Janis Joplin, The Band, The Grateful Dead & others. Robert Charlebois plays featuring Le Quatuor du Jazz Libre du Québec & Louise Forestier plus Philipe Gagnon. Titles include La Marche Du Président by Gilles Vigneault, the single Lindberg & CRP Blues by Claude Péloquin, Egg Génération & Engagement by Marcel Sabourin, Long Flight (b-side of Lindberg). All tracks arranged by Robert Charlebois, recorded by Michel Robidoux.

Robert Charlebois_guitar, vocal
Louise Forestier_vocal
Philippe Gagnon_electric violin
Maurice Richard_bass
Pierre Nadeau_piano
Jean Préfontaine_tenor saxophone, flute
Yves Charbonneau_trumpet
Guy Thouin_drums & percussions

01. California
02. La Marche du Président
03. Lindberg
04. Cpr Blues
05. Joe Finger Ledoux
06. Egg Generation
07. Engagement
08. Dolores
09. Long Flight 500

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dagha - Object In Motion

Year : 2005
Label :
Miclife Recordings
Genre :
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

Dwayne Simmons is a rapper from Boston who started with his friend Insight in the Hip-Hop band Electric Company. He's sharing stages with KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Wycleff, Common and also Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5. Dagha collaborated to many Insight' albums including ShinSight Trio LPs, Insight does the same for this 'Object In Motion', in charge of production, recording & mixing. Also in charge of production plus arrangements, cuts & scratches, DJ Real from Martiangang (band formed with Shin-Ski). Titles include featurings with Insight (8 Count & Skoolhouse Rock), Al-Jabra (Conquerors) & Wanda aka Butter (Don't Start Nothing). Songs 15 to 18 are bonus track released only for Japan featuring Cloke (Whatever It May Be), Anonymous from Project Move (Hands Up) & Insight (2 Solutions) plus remix by DJ Aquarela. Produced by DJ Real, Insight & Dagha.

Insight_rap, scratches & cuts on Heaven or Hell
DJ Real_cuts & scratches

01. Intro
02. 8 Count
03. No Sheets
04. Object In Motion Interlude
05. Conquerors
06. Heaven or Hell
07. Handwriting On The Wall
08. Build
09. P.A.
10. Skoolhouse Rock
11. Don't Start Nothing
12. No Labels
13. De Ja Vu
14. Back To The Center
15. Whatever It May Be
16. Hands Up
17. 2 Solutions
18. No Sheets - DJ Aquarela Remix
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