Saturday, January 10, 2009

DJ Food - Kaleidoscope

Year : 2000
Label : Ninja Tune
Genre : Electronic
Style : Future Jazz, Downtempo, Ambiant

Originally produced by Coldcut on the Ninja Tune label, the DJ Food project started in 1990, was formed by a collective composed of Matt Black from Coldcut & Jonathan More featuring Patrick Carpenter (PC) & Kevin Foakes (Strictly Kev). In 1998, the collective recorded a remix for Cowboy Bebop OST, the Power Of Kung Food Remix which features on Cowboy Bebop : No Disc. Their style mixes Jazz, Downtempo & Ambient with the use of computer programming, samples & turntables. Titles include Cookin' from their MAXI "A Dub Plate Of Food Vol.2" and featurings with Bundy K. Brown (additional programming & mixing on Full Bleed), Ken Nordine (vocals on The Ageing Young Rebel) and Jamie Tilly who plays bass on Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1). All tracks mixed by Ali Tod & Strictly Kev, produced by PC & Strictly Kev.

  • Break contains a sample of Hustler's Convention performed by Lightnin' Rod. 
  • The Riff contains a sample of Rack 'Em Up performed by Quincy Jones
  • Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1) contains a sample of Millionaire performed by Dudley Moore 
  • On Cookin', cuts & scratches performed by Strictly Kev

01. Full Bleed
02. Cookin'
03. Break
04. The Riff
05. The Ageing Young Rebel
06. The Crow...
07. Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1)
08. Nevermore (Sleep Dyad 2)
09. The Sky At Night
10. ...You
11. Minitoka
12. Reprise (A Splash Of Debussy)
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