Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book

Year : 2007
Label : Self-Released
Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop
Style : Trip Hop, Abstract, Downtempo

James Anthony Simon is a DJ/producer based in New York who has released most of his albums on Ninja Tune label. He was member with Jer of the Hip-Hop/comedy band Party Fun Action Committee and Nobody's Smiling with Justin Levy, worked for rapper Aesop Rock, in charge of writing & arrangements on Bazooka Tooth (2003), was associate producer for the independent Hip-Hop label, Definitive Jux of producer Jaime Meline, best known as EL-P. For this third LP, he recruited multi-instrumentalist Damien Paris, drummer Andrew Totolos & DJ Signify from 1200 Hobos. Titles include Soul Jazz samples & oriental inspirations from India. All tracks composed, mixed, arranged & produced by Blockhead.
DJ Signify_cuts & scratches
Damien Paris_bass, guitar, syntheziser
Andrew Totolos_drums

01. Coloring Book
02. The Strain
03. Grape Nuts And Chalk Sauce
04. Duke Of Hazzard
05. Squirmy Worm
06. Put Down Your Dream Journal And Dance
07. The Hucklebuck Slice
08. Not So OK Corral
09. Do The Tron
10. Get Your Regal
11. Cheer Up You're Not Dead Yet
12. Trailer Love
13. NYC Bounce
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