Monday, December 22, 2008

The Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury

Year : 1999
Label : Readymade Records/Columbia
Genre : Electronic
Style : Future Jazz, Downtempo, Big Beat, Synth Pop

Tomoyuki Tanaka is a japanese DJ, bassist, composer & producer, better known under the name of Fantastic Plastic Machine. His music incorporates music instruments, sampling with cinematic moods and others soundtracks inspired by the sixties, using all styles of Easy Listening genre as well as Sweet Pop, Bossa Nova, Lounge or Music Library. Luxury is the second album of FPM including several featurings with various euro pop artists such as : Lorraine Bowen, Andreas Dorau, Simon Fisher Turner, Honeymink, Laurie Lemans from The Gentle People or also japanese pop singer Yukari Fresh. Titles include the variation of There Must Be An Angel by Eurythmics, Honolulu, Calcutta, The Girl Next Green Door, Electric Lady LandBossa For Jackie. Honolulu, Calcutta & Bossa For Jackie were mixed by Luke Gordon who worked for Goldfrapp, Coldcut or Roots Manuva. All tracks produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka & Masaki Tsurugi, programmed by Masayuki Kumahara

Additionals Musicians : 

Masaki Tsurugi_synthesizer, vocals
Hitoshi Watanabe_bass
Kinbara Cheiko_strings
Kiyoshi Tsuchiya, Jun Matsue & Titi Matsumura_guitar

01. Theme of Luxury
02. There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Mix for Mirror Ball)
03. Honolulu, Calcutta
04. Electric Lady Lan
05. He Became A Beatnik
06. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated To Mrs. Kennedy)
07. You Must Learn All Night Long
08. Lotto
09. Satellite Beats
10. I've Forgotten My Fagotto
11. The Girl Next Green Door
12. MPF (Mezzo Pianoforte)
13. Mr. Fantasy's Love

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