Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five - Elusive Memory At The Kiritappu

Year : 2007
Label : VAP
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz
Website : 大野雄二 Official Website - Vap

One of the finest Yuji Ohno productions from the last years, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Lupin III 2nd Serie TV birth in a 19th annual Lupin TV Special broadcast episode. Yuji Ohno & his new band "Lupintic Five" (formed in 2006), perform Straight Ahead, Smooth & Jazz Funk of the same worth as the CTI recordings from the seventies. The group is supported by strings orchestra and surrounded by various guests musicians featuring, in particular, Kiyoshi Yoshida (synthesizer), Masami Nakagawa (flutes), Hajime Ueshiba (whistle), Tatuya Nishiwaki (harmonica) & J-Pop songstress Miki Imai on Love Theme. Masami Nakagawa is an old friend of Yuji who evolved within You & The Explosion Band, and was especially former member of the Masahiko Togashi Quartet & the Gil Evans Orchestra.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Yoshihito Eto_drums,
Masayuki Tawarayama_
wood bass & electric bass,
Keiji Matsushima_
Hisatsugu Suzuki
_soprano & tenor sax
Satoshi Izumi_guitar

01. Opus 1 ''Iseka's theme''
02. Opus 2 ''Theme from Lupin The Third 'Ice blue' version''
03. Opus 3
04. Opus 4
05. Opus 5
06. Opus 6 "Elusive memory at the Kiritappu"
07. Opus 7 "La valse froide"
08. Opus 8
09. Opus 9 "Theme from Lupin III 'Elusive' version"
10. Love Theme

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