Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nitro Microphone Underground (Self-Titled)

Year : 1999
Label : Reality Records/Def Jam Japan
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Funk/Soul

Nitro Microphone Underground is a legendary japanese Hip-Hop band formed in 1997, often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan, the group consists of eight MCs Bigzam, Dabo, Deli, Gore-Tex, Macka-Chin, S-Word, Suiken & XBS. This debut album was reissued in 2000 by Def Jam label, and was the fisrt japanese band to sign on the label. Nitro Microphone Underground is based on studio & live recordings, using various samples from Jazz, Funk/Soul (as James Brown) by Bossa Nova, including the singles Bambu & Live '99. S-Word & Suiken collaborated to Samourai Champloo O.S.T. with the track Style supported by the beats & the cuts of FORCE OF NATURE.

01. Nitro Microphone Underground
02. Bambu
03. Mischief
04. 3 On Tree
05. Pyramid
06. Asama131
07. S.K.I.T.
08. Requiem
09. Tonari no Oneesanga
10. Just' Playin'
11. Infinity
12. Hardcore
13. Unstoppable (Live At Edojou Hole)
14. Pico Pico Dan
15. Kuchi Zu San De Goran Yo
16. Nice Dream
17. Boku Mo
18. SKIT
19. 45 Fingaz Of Death
20. Sakiccho Dakedesukeredomo
21. Live'99
22. T.B.C. (Bonus Track)

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